Playlist clubcardradio wk 50

115Groovy club/vocal house mix. Time: 16:18.
1.Alcazar-Sexual Guarantee
(Alcazar seems to me the ultimate
 ‘sample imitation group’.Their previous
hitsingle ‘Crying at the discotheque’ used
the sample of Sheila B’s ‘Spacer’ which
was also used a few months before by Plaything.
Now Warm used Chic’s sample of ‘My Forbidden Lover’
for their ‘Its in the music’ a few months ago and
guess what? Alcazar also released a new single with
this sample. Will it be as successfull as ‘Crying’?)
2.Anastacia-Paid My Dues(S Mans DarkStar Mix)
(Another great song from this great female singer
who has already written history. Its a shame
that her previous single “I was made for lovin’you”
didn’t had a good club remix. ‘Paid My Dues’ has!)
3.Dajae-Every Day Of My Live
(I was almost sure that I heard the latest single
of Chocolate Puma when I heard the vocals of this
song.Do not mix-up the artist’s name with the Dutch
producer Jaydee. Is this the same band who scored
a small club hit with ‘You Got Me Up’ in ’93? Does
anyone know?)
4.The Ones-Flawless(Radio Club Version)
(Nice and original groovy song. Not too many
(robot) vocals and nice tune which keeps hanging
around in your mind. Nice nice nice!)

114Club classic hardclub mix. Time: 20:48
1.Pancake-Dont Turn Your Back On Me’99
(The original of this ’99 remake already
hit the dancefloor.The remake is even
2.Jaydee-Plastic Dreams(David Morales Remix)
(This alltime clubclassic has been remixed many
times. Lets hear Morales’s version.)
3.Ruff Drivers feat Arolla-Dreamin(Percussion Remix)
(A very good song from nearly 2 years ago. Already an
alltime DJ favourite.)
4.AT Project-You’re The One For Me
(Another alias  for Peran Van Dyk in his good years
before he started imitating artists such as Barthezz
and the Klubbheads. This was HIS sound!)

112Guest DJ Alex de Boer (
Trance Mix part 2. Time: 26:57
1.Angelic–Can’t keep me silent ( dumonde remix)
2.Dario G–Dream to Me (above and beyond mix)
3.Barthezz–On the move (dumonde remix)
4.Rank 1–Such is life (deep dub remix)
5.CRW–I feel love ( DJ Jamx – De leon remix)
6.Absolom–Baby boomers (classic)


Hotlist clubcard wk 50.

The hottest dance tracks from Clubcardradio.

Pos Pw Artist Title #w

01 8 PPK-Resurection 3
02 1 Kylie Minoque-Cant Get You Out Of My Head 9
03 2 Anastacia-Paid My Dues 3
04 – Gigi D’Agostino-L’Amour Toujours 1
05 3 Alcazar-Crying At The Discoteque 9
06 4 Iio-Rapture 4
07 7 Seaflower fs Giada-Easy Livin’ 4
08 10 DJ Jose vs G-Spott-Access 2
09 5 DJ Tiesto-Suburban Train 7
10 6 Barthezz-Infected 9
11 11 Cher-The Musics No Good Without You(AllMighty Mix) 2
12 8 Sonic Inc-Taste-The Taste of Summer 3
13 9 G-Club pres Banda Sonora G-Guitarra G 7

Lasgo-Something 9


Hotlist Clubcard wk49

The hottest dance tracks from Clubcardradio.

Pos Pw Artist Title #w

01 2 Kylie Minoque-Cant Get You Out Of My Head 8
02 6 Anastacia-Paid My Dues 2
03 1 Alcazar-Crying At The Discoteque 8
04 7 Iio-Rapture 3
05 4 DJ Tiesto-Suburban Train 6
06 3 Barthezz-Infected 8
07 6 Seaflower fs Giada-Easy Livin’ 3
08 10 PPK-Resurection 2
09 5 G-Club pres Banda Sonora G-Guitarra G 5
10 – DJ Jose vs G-Spott-Access 1
11 – Cher-The Musics No Good Without You(AllMighty Mix) 1
12 8 Sonic Inc-Taste-The Taste of Summer 3
13 9 Lasgo-Something 8

Raven Maize-The Real Life 10
Dance Nation-Sunshine 6


Clubcardstations online!

The issues with Live365 (our provider) has been resolved! We are back on the air again!


DJ Woef


Playlist clubcardradio wk 49

109.Trance/hardclub mix. Time: 33:25.
1.Caros-The Silmarilla(Bradski & Jenski Remix)
(Rather exciting remix version of my ultimate
Club classic favourite! A little more trance
sound than the original and I LUV the piano
they added!)
2.DJ Melvin feat G Spott-LOIS
(Its not a full G Spott production
although it sounds like one.I only posses
a short version of this release. Maybe
the 12 inch will be available soon. Its a
good song)
(The theme sounds like a famous childsong although
I cant seem to remember which one.It sure makes
it easy to recognise when the song playes on the
radio and in the discotheque. Probably the reason
that this song is finding its way to the number one
position on many dance charts)
4.Fierce Ruling Diva-Rubb It In(Raoul Luciano Mix)
(Remake of this early 90’s song from the New Beat/Acid
period and quite good I must say!)
5.DJ Prince&Justin K-Got To Have(DJ K Remix)
(Not the first time that Felix’s ‘Dont You Want My Love’
sample has been reused in dance songs. But it scores
again every time)
6.Sonic Inc-The Taste Of Summer
(A trance song which is somehow a little more original
than others although it doesn’t sound like a trance sound
in the beginning)

110Club Classics GayMix. Time: 24:19
1.Marisha Turner-Deeper In The Night
(This was Marisha’s second release after her
rather succesfull ‘Who’s Gonna Kiss’ but
‘Deeper In The Night’ didn’t get the success
it deserved. Its a damn good groovy club song!)
2.Indigo-Haven’t You Heard(Funky Rhythm Mix)
(One of the hits coming from the British Channel 4
cultseries ‘Queer As Folk’. Its a club remake
of an old forgotten song from Patrice Rushion
who became really famous because of ‘Forget Me Nots’.
3.Karen Ramirez-Looking For Love(Don Carlos Mix)
(Another song from the Channel 4 series which also
was quite successfull in the charts 2 years ago)
4.Funky Green Dogs-Fired Up(Club 69 Mix)
(My alltime favourite Gay club classic. Club 69 did
a really good job remixing this song. Nice vocals,
nice rhythm. Perfect!)

111Guest DJ Alex de Boer (
Trance session 1. Time: 25:13
1.Breeder–New york FM (Van Bellen Remix)
2.M.i.k.e–Sunrise @ Palermos
3.Mario Lopez–Into My Brain [special editon]
4.Angelic–Can’t keep me silent ( dumonde remix)


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Playlist clubcardradio wk 47

108.Groovy Club/vocal house Mix. Time:16:58
1.Roger Sanchez-You Cant Dance
(The new single from the famous DJ from New York.
I dont think it is as good as Another Chance but still
pleasant for the ears. )
2.Warm-Its In The Music
(Sugar sweet vocal combined with Chic’s sample
‘My Forbidden Lover’. Created by van Moll/Vanderlest.
I luv it!)
3.Kenne-You Can Dance
(Music from new talent from the
label. The sample from Dan Hartmans ‘Relight my fire’ was
used in this track)
4.Deep Swing-In The Music
(Somehow this records sounds like an Eddie Amador production
but I am not sure if he is involved)
5.Rick Astley-Sleeping(Tee Extended Mix)
(This Astley tune redone by Todd Terry.
For the fans :-)))

106.Trance.hardclub Mix. Time:16:30
1.Orinoko-Islan(thrillseekers remix)
(Nice guitar trance tune from the people who redid
Enya’s Orinoko Flow and became famous using
the song’s name)
2.South east Players-Tha Screaming  Hooker (BOB LTD Remix)
(Realy nice hard club tune. If I am not mistaken I recognise
the Mayday Mayday sample from Westbam which is a classic!)
3.Ocean Lab-Clear Blue Water(A-side Mix)
(Trance tune about water. 🙂 What more can I say? In style
of ‘Above and Beyound’)

107.Hardclub/trance mix by guest Dj Roel Notrot. Time:

1.Klubbheads-Discohopping(2001 remix)
2.White label-Hit the floor
3.Crome-Neon lights
4.Aretha franklin vs moby-Deeper Love


Hotlist Clubcard wk46

The hottest dance tracks from Clubcardradio.

Pos Pw Artist Title #w
01 1 Alcazar-Crying At The Discoteque 6
02 2 Kylie Minoque-Cant Get You Out Of My Head 6
03 4 Barthezz-Infected 6
04 12 DJ Tiesto-Suburban Train 4
05 8 G-Club pres Banda Sonora G-Guitarra G 3
06 – Seaflower fs Giada-Easy Livin’ 1
07 – Iio-Rapture 1
08 – Sonic Inc-Taste-The Taste of Summer 1
09 3 Lasgo-Something 6
10 5 Raven Maize-The Real Life 8
11 09 Dance Nation-Sunshine 4
12 6 DJ Tiesto-Flight 643 12
13 7 Rank 1-Such Is Life 12

System F-Dance Valley Theme 2001 8
Klubbheads-Here We Go 5


Playlist clubcardradio wk 45

104.Groovy club/vocal house mix.
1.Seaflowers-Easy Livin’
(Very nice non complicated happy
club song. One of my favorites at
the moment)
2.Iio-Rapture(Extended Mix)
(Melancholy vocal makes me weep)
3.Modjo and Phats&Small-Change
(This song is really made of combined
forces from Modjo and Phats&Small and
it also sounds like that. Phats&Small
music with Modjo vocals.)
4.Different Gear-Drink To Get Drunk
(This song has been around for a few months
and is starting to kick off in the clubs
at the moment.No idea why it took that
long. A real good swinging club song ala
Rui Da Silva)
5.Godz Gift-Alright Now(Saviour Club Mix)
(Here is the old-fashioned club sound again
which was popular 5 years ago. In style
of the ‘Disco Blue’ sound.)
6.Darude feat Tammy Marrie-Out Of Control(Extended)
(This song was already on Darude’s album but
is now redone and a nice vocal of Tammy Marrie
is added.)

105.Club classic Mix. Groovy club/vocal house.
1.Robin S-Back It Up
(4th single from Robin S’s top album. Never heard
from her again after that. She really did set a
trend in the mid 90’s with ‘Show me Luv’ and ‘Luv
4 luv’. Although this is the least famous single from
her album I thing it is just as good.)
2.2 Brothers on the 4th floor-Turn Da Music Up
(My favourite 2 Brother’s song from the early 90’s. I
redid the song a bit to make it mixable :-))
3.Innercity-Big Fun
(Another great track from the early 90’s which still
can be played in the clubs. It has that ‘acid’ sound
was was popular that time.)
4.Adamski vs Seal-Killer
(I want this song to be played at my funeral. For me
this is my all time favourite)

95.Guest DJ session Marcel Spijkerman part 3.
Club classic/hard club.
1.Lil Mo Ying Yang-Reach
2.Klatch-Oh Boy
3.Anthony & Georgio-Equilibrium
4.Wavecatcher-Me And Jack
5.Faithless-Insomnia(Armand van Helden Mix)



Playlist clubcardradio wk44

100Hardclub/trance mix. Time: 28:31
1.DJ Tiesto-Suburban Train
(A new release from Hollands most famous DJ
at the moment.This remix has a little ‘Silence’
in it.According to Tiesto himself you are not
allowed to call it trance anymore! 🙂 )
2.Musique vs U2-New Years Day(Mauro Picotto Mix)
(Very good remix from this remake by Musique.
Its only released on vinyl, not on cd-single)
3.Johnny Vicious-Take Your Shirt Off
(This song was rather popular in the gay scene
the last few months. I didn’t quite get the
attention it deserved. Very bombastique beat
with a female talking dirty words! I love it
because its different!)
4.Katana-Fancy Fair(Original Mix)
(Number one dance song in the Dutch clubs at
the moment.)
5.Peran van Dijk-Good Time
(I think its a shame that Peran van Dijk has
chosen the ‘Barthezz’ sound.He is capable of
so much more when listening to the early Jean
and Peran records and remixes they did.
Numbers which wont ever lose their elegance
and which still can be played in the clubs
nowadays. Although this records isn’t bad
and getting rather popular in the clubs I listen
to this song with mixed emotions)
(After Peran van Dijk there was only one
song fitting in here. Its typically Barthezz
and he is famous for his sound. It will be
a huge hit the coming weeks!)

103.Vocal trance mix. Time 21:54
1.Nalin&Kane-Beachball(Tall Paul Remix)
(Good remix and not overdone from this
legendary clubclassic tune in spe)
(Another trance vocal tune in style of
Milk Inc. Not bad although)
3.Rank 1-Such Is Life(Extended)
(A number of remixes available of this song.
Although I normally dont prefer the most
commercial one I still believe that this mix
(radio 12inch) is the best. The song
was originally written for a funeral.)
4.N-Trance-Set You Free(Voodoo&Serano Mix)
(Trance remix from this clubsong from ’94.
It starts sounding like a real extreme trance
tune until the vocal comes in.)

102Guest DJ Folker Boelen. Folkmix 13
( Time:60:17
1.Paul v dyk-Paul v dyk (starecase mix)
2.Sonic inc-The taste of summer
3.System F-Dance valley 2001 theme
4.Cequenza-Sonic blue
5.Tiesto-Flight 643
6.Out of grace-Obscura
7.Frankie goes 2 hollywood-Two tribes (rob searle

8.Ian van dahl-Castles in the sky (coast 2 coast mix)
9.Toby Lee Connor-Wicked Games (pulsedriver mix)


Clubcard hotlist wk44

The hottest dance tracks from Clubcardradio.

Pos Pw Artist Title #w
01 3 Alcazar-Crying At The Discoteque 4
02 2 Kylie Minoque-Cant Get You Out Of My Head 4
03 7 Lasgo-Something 2
04 6 Barthezz-Infected 4
05 3 Raven Maize-The Real Life 6
06 1 DJ Tiesto-Flight 643 10
07 8 Rank 1-Such Is Life 10
08 – G-Club pres Banda Sonora G-Guitarra G 1
09 10 Dance Nation-Sunshine 2
10 5 System F-Dance Valley Theme 2001 6
11 12 Klubbheads-Here We Go 3
12 11 DJ Tiesto-Suburban Train 2

13 9 Ian van Dahl-Castles In The Sky 2


Clubcard Hotlist wk 43

The hottest dance tracks from Clubcardradio.

Pos Pw Artist Title #w
01 1 DJ Tiesto-Flight 643 9
02 2 Kylie Minoque-Cant Get You Out Of My Head 3
03 9 Alcazar-Crying At The Discoteque 3
04 3 Raven Maize-The Real Life 5
05 4 System F-Dance Valley Theme 2001 5
06 10 Barthezz-Infected 3
07 – Lasgo-Something 1
08 8 Rank 1-Such Is Life 9
09 – Ian van Dahl-Castles In The Sky 1
10 – Dance Nation-Sunshine 2
11 – DJ Tiesto-Suburban Train 1
12 – Klubbheads-Here We Go 2

Jamiroquai-Little L(Bob Sinclair remix) 5
Gypsymen-Babarabatiri 5
Roger Sanchez-Another Change 6


Woefradio and Discowoef back online!

Good news! Tonight we managed to get Woefradio and Discowoef online again. Also some bad news. All Channels will be offline during this weekend due to big maintenance at live365. At Sunday evening 21st of October everything will be back to normal again.

DJ Woef


Clubcard channels back online!

Live365 has serieus technical problems. This weekend they announced that a major server is moved to Washington. This will take 3 weeks! During that time the Clubcardradio channels mix1 and mix2 would not be online! This was unacceptable for us! Therefore we rearranged the channels. Woefradio, Woeflive and Discosensation will be temporarely offline for the next 3 weeks and now broadcasting the program of Clubcard mix1 and Clubcard mix2. We also rearranged the button’s. Just click the station you want to hear! We will announce when things are back to normal.


Playlist clubcardradio wk42

Mix 78.Groovy Club/vocal house mix
1.Rick Astley-Never Gonna Give You Up 2001(White Label)
(The number of clubremakes of old 80’s songs is increasing.
In fact this song is nothing more then the original with
a club beat, but it is not bad enough NOT to play it on
CCR 🙂 )
2.DJ Pippi Pres Pason Flamenca-Fatak Fatal(Pacha Mix)
(Guitars and the flamenco sound is rather popular.
Now DJ Pippi is trying it and rather successfull I must
3.Olav Basoski-Cant Stand No Lies
(The sound is so typically Olav Basoski and so
damn groovy! I luv this song!)
4.Mac Zimms-Sex U Up
(Mac Zimms is producing music like a bee is
collecting honey. He just doesn’t stop.
Another great song.)
5.The Sunclub-Fiesta De La Tamborileros(2001)
(Only a matter of time to expect a remix from
this club classic song from Robin ‘Jaydee’
6.Madelyne-A Deeper Love
(We had the instrumental version a few weeks
ago. The vocal version is even more pleasant)
7.Shaggy-Mr Boombastique(DJ Quicksilver remix)
(I almost had the utmost respect for Quicksilver’s
work but lately he has chosen the easy money it
seems. Although the remake is not real bad I hate
the cheap trance sound after the break. Time for
something new I think mr Quick!)

Mix 79, Club Classics mix.
1.DJ Quicksilver-Arabesque
(This is what I call a real good production
from Quicksilver! The real old Quicksilver
sound combined with a nice panflute.
The song was only released on restricted
base and not real famouse. Its really a pity!)
2.Jaydee-Reste Chez Moi(Peran van Dijk Remix)
(A real good remix of Jaydee’s Reste Chez Moi
by Peran van Dijk (Jean&Peran) in which you
hardly here the original)
3.Warp 69-Natural High
(This is one of those songs which probably
still can be played 10 years from now. It
is so damn original and cant be compared to any
other song. One of my old time favourites!)
4.Blue Lagoon-Loose My Mind
(Nice club classic tune. No nonsense club tune
from the middle nineties with a nice vocal

Guest DJ Fridge. Groovy Club/vocal house mix. ‘Tropical Music Meltdown’
1.   Dimitry & jaimy – On the discotrain
2.   Olav basoski – Aha
3.   Wawa – No problem (piano mix)
4.   Susumu Yokota ft Harrison Crump – On on
5.   DJ Stuart – Now I’m free
6.   Amira – My desire
7.   Floor devisions – Latino terminal


Live365 service down

As you may already have noticed, live365 has severe technical problems! Woefradio and the Clubcard channels could not connect for more then 20 seconds the last few days before dropping out completely. Today Sunday(14th of October) my channels (except for ‘woeflive’) have died completely! I am not even able to log on and view my broadcast status at the moment. We apologize for the inconvenience but there is nothing we can do at the moment. We can only hope that Live365 wil straighten things up first thing in tomorrow morning and that we will be on the air again!

To ease the pain I made 2 more recent mixes available. You can download them here. Enjoy it!


Clubcard Hotlist wk 40

The hottest dance tracks from Clubcardradio.

Pos Pw Artist Title #w
01 1 DJ Tiesto-Flight 643 7
02 – Kylie Minoque-Cant Get You Out Of My Head 1
03 9 Raven Maize-The Real Life 3
04 4 System F-Dance Valley Theme 2001 3
05 5 Gypsymen-Babarabatiri 3
06 3 Roger Sanchez-Another Change 4
07 2 Rank 1-Such Is Life 5
08 6 Jamiroquai-Little L(Bob Sinclair remix) 3
09 – Alcazar-Crying At The Discoteque 1
10 – Barthezz-Infected (Promo) 1

G-Spott-N-R-G 10
Supermen Lovers-Starlight 5
Faithless-We Come 1 16


Playlist clubcardradio wk40

Groovy club/vocal house mix . Time 21:03
1.Modjo vs Brandy & Monica-The Boys Is Mine
(This tune is already almost one year old. I discovered
that I never used in one of my mixes. Its one of
the better sounding ‘combination’ songs. There is
a lot of crap out there. The title should say enough
what to expect.)
2.G-Club Presents Banda Sonora G-Guitarra G
(Whaaw, this really is my favourite at the moment!
Its so damn relaxed! No complications there. Nice
guitar with a good club beat!)
3.Yazz-Only Way Is Up(WIP 2001 Mix)
(Yazz goes trance. Remake of the old club classic.
Not bad at all although I prefer the original.)
4.Kylie Minoque-Cant Get You Out Of My Head
(I remember playing this song in my club 2 months
ago and I was very worried that it would leave me
with an empty dance floor. It didn’t of course! But
I am really amazed by its success since the song
is not real suprising. It must be the catchy
‘la la la ..’ 🙂 )

Vocal Trance mix.  Time 26:14
1.Dance Nation-Sunshine
(It doesn’t happen very often to succeed in collecting
a number of Vocal trance songs in a mix which aren’t
that ‘cheap’ sounding. Dance Nation is commercial
but nice. 🙂 )
2.Perpetueus Dreamer-Sound Of Goodbye(Tribal Feel Mix)
(This song is available in 2 versions. This is Armin van Buuren’s
remix which I prefer above the other one. It has the same
atmosphere as Delirium-Silence(DJ Tiesto remix) and I
think it is almost just as good!)
3.Madelyne-A Deeper Love(Instrumental Mix)
(Nice instrumental version of this vocal trance song.
Next time I will play the vocal version)
4.Ian van Dahl-Castles In The Sky
(It fits exactly the Milk Inc and Dance Nation style)
5.Alcazar-Crying In The Discotheque
(Again we here Sheila and Black Devotion’s “Spacer”
sample. Although I prefer the version of Plaything, this
song will be a huge hit on the dancefloor the coming