Something new!

De stream of ClubCardRadio might be gone but I have something new for you!
Together with my DJ friend Sander we build a new radio station. No mixes, just the best
dance tunes from the past and present.
Check out MoveDanceRadio
or start listening right away on


Stream is no longer available!

Sorry folks! My stream is no longer available as of today! After years of hard work
decided to stop my stream because it is commercial-wise not challenging enough for them.
(they need more listeners to drop their commercials)

We are looking for other and new ways to get the music back to you!


Halloween Hitmix now online.

I created a Halloween Hitmix last weekend!
It is great! Listen to it now!
-DJ Maarten-Thriller(Mash Up)
-Ellie Goulding-Burn(Tiesto Remix)
-Axwell Sick Individuals Taylor Renee-I Am(Original Mix)
-Rober Gaez-You Know What I Mean
-Ray Foxx Feat Rachel K Collier-Boom Boom Heartbeat
-Lady Gaga-Applause
-Mike Mago-The Show(Original Mix)
-Fatboy Slim Riva Starr-Eat Sleep Rave Repeat
-Shapeshifters-No Need No Body
-Martin Garrix-Animals
-Serebro-Mi Mi Mi(Dj Vini Club Mix)
-Umek Groovebox-Cause And Effect
-William-Bang Bang(Matt Nevin Extended Mix)
-Cube Guys And Barbara Tucker-I Wanna Dance With Somebody
-Armin Van Buuren Ft Cindy Alma-Beautiful Life
-John Newman-Love Me Again
-Calvin Harris Ft Ayah Marar-Thinking About You
-Tensnake Ft Fiora-See Right Through(Original)
-Mark Knight-Man With The Red Face(DJ Maarten Mash Up
-Klangkarussell-Sonnentanz(DJ Maarten Mash Up)


Sending mails to DJ Maarten and subscribe to newsletter

Dear Listener,

Everybody who has been trying to reach us or subscribed to our newsletter was unsuccessful for the last few months . It seems that our provider tighten the rules for passing emails through the website (due to spam) so mails disappeared into a black hole 🙁 We have now repaired it again so go ahead! Contact us!

Cheers! DJ Steve


ClubCardRadio Stream Back Online!

Dear fan!

I am so excited, a dream has come true. My radiostream is back online and very busy filling the program and uploading my DJ Mix archive. There is only 1 problem. The mixes may not last more dan 15 minutes so I have to split everything up in multiple parts so thats a lot of work but its for a good cause! I also decided to change the naming of the mixes so its easier to store and retrieve from my database. Its a bit messy now and mixes you hear are hard to find back on the site but in the end all will be better. All this work even delays the Dance Yearmix a bit but in the end everything will be better! Hold on!

Dear Listener,

Great News! The ClubCardRadio stream is back online! Now in HIFI stereo! From now on you can listen to your favourite music 24hours a day. Many many thanks to Radionomy for providing the stream!


Live365 Stream expires on April 1st

Dear Listener,

For those who listen to the live365 radio stream there is bad news. We can no longer afford the monthly hosting costs. Therefore the general availability of the stream stops at April 1st. It will probably still be available for Live365 VIP members but it will no longer be maintained. Subscribe to the newsletter to stay in touch with the latest developments.


90’s week

Finally! ClubCardRadio goes 90’s
Never before did I had so much fun putting a playlist together as now! Most of my 90’s favorites gathered in one big set which lasts over 8 hours! Sometimes commercial, sometimes more extreme. Of course some great songs are missing but to be complete here is impossible. The playlist should last too long then. This is just a sample of breathing the old 90’s atmosphere. I hope they bring back to good old memories. They did with me! Thanks to club COC-Amsterdam where I did most of my set.
Part 1
-Black Machine-How Gee
-Chad Jackson-Here The Drummer Get Wicked
-Nomad-Just A Groove
-Culture Beat-No Deeper Meaning
-Kraze-The Party
-Double Trouble & The Rebel MC-Street Tuff
-Technotronic-This Beat Is Technotronic
-Seal-The Beginning
-D Shake-Yaaaah
-Latino Party-Esta Loca
-Samantha Fox-Love House
-Petra & Co-Laat je gaan(Just Let Go)
-Miss Lie-The Pimp
-The Shamen-Move Any Mountain
-Robin S-Back It Up
-2 Brothers on 4th floor-Turn Da Music Up(Woef Remix)
-Sash-Mysterious Times
-Culture Beat-Mr Vain
-2 Unlimited-The Real Thing(Woef Edit)
-Good Men-Give It Up

Part 2
-The Good Men-Give It Up
-Dominica-Gotta Let You Go
-20 Finger-Lick It
-Zig & Zag-Them Girls
-C&C Music Factory-Make You Sweat
-SL2-On A Ragga Tip
-KLF-3 AM Eternal
-Miss Lie-The Pimp
-Fierce Ruling Diva-Rubb It In
-Snap-The Power
-Jovanotti-Libera Anima
-De La Soul-Ring Ring
-Incognito feat Jocelyn Brown-Always There
-Bobby Brown-2 Can Play That Game
-Crystal Waters-Gypsy Woman
-Robin S-Show Me Luv
-Stardust-Music Sounds Better
-Tory Amos-Professional Widow
-Humanoid-Stakker Humanoid
-Edwards World-Soul Roots
-The Course-Aint Bobody
-The Klf-America, What Time Is Love
-CB Milton-Its A Lovin; Thing
-Fatima Dainey-Love Is A Wonderfull Thing
-Felix-Dont You Want My Love
-ATB-9 PM Till I come
-Pet Shop Boys-Absolutely Fabulous
-Lick-Girl Of Your Dreams
-Captain Hollywood Project-Flying High
-Leila K-Open Sesame(Woef Mix)


Part 3
-Prodigy-Smack My Bitch Up
-Snap-Rhythm Is A Dancer
-Freddy Mercury-Livin’ On My Own
-Dana International-Diva(Lysander Mix)
-DeeLite-Groove Is In The Heart
-Gala-Freed From Desire
-Sash-Encore Un Fois
-Robin S-Back It Up
-Living Joy-Dreamer
-NightCrawlers-Push The Feeling On
-2 Unlimited-No Limit
-Dr Alban-Sing Hallelujah
-Kristine W-Feel What You Want
-George Michael & Adamski-Killer/Pappa Was A Rolling Stone
-Apollo 44-Aint Talking About
-Prodigy-No Good
-Strike-The Morning After
-Love Connection-The Bomb(Triple X ClubMix)
-Bitmachine-Somebody Real
-KLF-Justified And Ancient
-Future Breeze-Why Dont You Dance
-Prodigy-Out Of Space
-Beckie Bell-Steppin’ Out Tonight
-Crystal Waters-100% Pure Love(Woef Remix)
-Madonna-Nothin’ Really Matters
-Alex Party-Dont Give Me Your Love
-Total Touch-Touch Me There
-Pet Shop Boys-Go West



downloads no longer available

I am sorry to tell you that downloads are no longer available due to copyrights issues. I am trying to find a new way to let you enjoy my mixes. Please subscribe to my newsletter to stay informed about this.



We are back. Due a huge server crash we were offline the last week but harddisk debugging has payed off and we manage to restore most of the data. It will take a couple of days to have everything going again such as the downloads. Please have some patience!


Changing from MP3PRO back to standard MP3

Today ClubCardRadio switched back to standard MP3 56k sound instead of MP3 pro. It seems that many listeners are experiencing some difficulty’s to install Winamp and the mp3pro plugin. Without those the sound is bad so I decided to switch back. I will start an additional mp3pro stream in the near future. Hifi listeners, hold on! Check this site for more updates!


ClubCardRadio Fat DJ Mixes now in MP3PRO

As from February 9 ClubCardRadio Fat DJ Mixes has switched to MP3Pro 64Kbit/stereo. This means that your favourite DJ Mix channel can now be heard in CD quality!
You need Winamp including the MP3PRO plugin.

Click here to download Winamp 5.
Click here to download the mp3pro plugin.


ClubCardRadio in HiFi Stereo(Mp3PRO) from October 1st

I decided to postpone the introduction of mp3pro again. It turns out that the live365 player which is the most used streaming player does not yet support mp3pro. It is only available to preferred members of live365. We will wait for better times!


Program listing ClubCardRadio July and August Enschede-FM

This is interesting information for listeners in the Enschede area. Switching to Dutch. 🙂

In de zomermaanden juli en augustus presenteert het Danceprogramma ClubCardRadio
de beste mixen uit het archief van ClubCardradio.

Uitzendtijden: donderdag 18:00-19:00(herhaling van za na)
vrijdag 22:00-00:00
zaterdag nacht 00:00-01:00
Met op zaterdag nacht 5, 12, 19 en 26 juli herhaling van Jaarmix2001 deel 1, 2, 3 en 4
en op zaterdag nacht 2, 9, 16 en 23 augustus herhaling van Jaarmix2002 deel 1, 2, 3 en 4
Meeluisteren kan hier

Uitzending vr 22 augustus
1e uur
1.Oxygen feat Andrea Britton-Am I On Your Mind(Lustral Mix)
2.Una Mora-A Better Day
3.Breeezze-Ready For Love(Techno Remix)

1.Gardeweg-I Need More
2.Kid Q-This Feeling
3.Erasure-Make Me Smile(Manhttan Club Mix)

2.Stereoshaker-Rock and Roll(Bart Claessen Rollin Mix)
3.Paul van Dyk-Nothing But You(PVD Club Mix)

213Hard club/trance
2.Boogie Pimps-Salt Shaker
3.Ocean Lab-Beautifull Together(Original)

2e uur
1.Robin S-You Got The Love(Stonebridge Club Mix)
2.Fr Feat Jenny B-Love Is The Music(Fr Club Mix)
3.Cabrera Lee-Shake It(Part 1 of 2)(Extended Mix)

223Vocal trance.
1.Divine Inspiration-The Way(Radio Edit)
2.Lambda-Hold On Tight

197Hard Club Classics
2.Fierce Ruling Diva-Rubb It In(Raoul Luciano Remix)
3.Underworld-Dark&Long(Dark Train Mix)
4.DevilFish-Man Alive
5.Porn Kings-Up To No Good
6.Johnny Vicious feat Lula-Ecstacy(Take Your Shirts Off)
7.Wink-Higher State Of Conscious
8.DJ Prince&Justin K-Got 2 Have(Justin K And DJ Prince mix)

Uitzending vr 29 augustus
1e uur
1.DJ Jeroenski-Dedicated
2.Soulsearcher feat Donna Allen-Feelin Love(Axwell Dub)
3.DJ Roel-Get Ready

228Club Classics
1.Hi-Lux-Feel It
2.Petr&Co-Just Let Go(98 remix)
3.Disco Cop-Blue Adonis

1.Groove Armada-Easy(Ga Shake Shake Mix)
2.Deborah Cox-Play Your Part(Mike Rizzo Extended)
3.Simply Red-Sunrise(Love To Infinity Classic Mix)

229Club Classics
1.Dj Quicksilver-I Have A Dream
3.Gigi Agostino-Sweetly(Jean&Peran Remix)

2e uur
Gast DJ-Patrick Tinnemeijer(DJ Pharao)
Harstyle Party Mix.


ClubCardRadio will merge into 1 channel!

Starting from July 1st all ClubCardRadio music channels will be merged into 1 channel, ClubCardRadio. Its financiel not possible to hold on to three channels since the Royalty Administration Fee will increase significantly on 1st of June.

But the remaining channel will still have the best dance music mixed by my fellow DJ’s and me!

I will keep you informed.


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direct stream buttons will stop working in January

Dear Listener,

From January 2003 the direct stream buttons on the left site of this page will no longer work.
Our stream provider, live365 has decided that every listener should now register and log on their homepage before listening to ClubCardRadio.
We of course are not happy with this situation but since Live365 is the only available provider in our budget there is not much we can do. Around the beginning of January we will change the button functionality to make listening to ClubCardRadio as easy as possible.

You can already start registering yourself.
Its free and information is NOT used for spam.

This is the link:


Dj Woef


Reduction number of ClubCardRadio Channels

Due to additional Royalty Administration Fee on live streaming broadcasts starting on August 1, 2002 we can no longer maintain all existing ClubCardRadio channels.

Thanks to the imput from you my dear listeners we came to the following conclusions.

The channels our listeners mostly prefer are:
Clubcard wkly, (latest mixes updated every 2 weeks)
Clubcard Mix 1(hardclub/trance)
Clubcard Mix 2(groovy/vocal/housful)
Woefradio (dance tracks)

Clubcard wkly (mp3pro), DiscoWoef, Yearmix, Homo100 will vanish from August 2, 2002 for standard listeners.

The channels that remain are:
Clubcard wkly, (latest mixes updated every 2 weeks)
Clubcard DJ-Mix (hardclub/trancegroovy/vocal/housful, Mix 1 and Mix 2 are merged into 1 channel)
Woefradio (dance tracks)

What puzzles us a bit is wheather or not you want us to skip to mp3pro (hifi stereo) on the remaining channels. You need Winamp and a the mp3pro plugin to listen to ClubCardRadio.

Please email us and tell which one you prefer.


DJ Woef


How to listen to Clubcard wkly in mp3pro

At the moment there are no longer Clubcardradio channels available in mp3pro hifi stereo.

Use the poll function (right-under) if you want us to skip to mp3pro or email me to share your thoughts on clubcard in mp3pro.

Click here to download the free winamp plugin.