Playlist clubcardradio wk 38

Groovy club/vocal house mix. Time: 23:05
1.Dario G-Say Whats On Your Mind

(Remember the French guy who scored with
‘Sunshyme’ and ‘Carnaval de Paris’?
He now scores with a ‘Milk Inc’ kind of
2.The Pound Boys-Que Pasa(Main Mix)
(I have no idea who exactly is responsible
for this production. It has a Caribean
atmosphere and is kind of suprising.)
3.Dominica-Gotta Let You Go(DJ Tonka Remix)
(An old club classic in the remix by DJ Tonka)
4.Modjo-What I Mean(Ian Pooley Mix)
(Somehow I havent heard the new single mix of
‘What I Mean’ yet. The remix by Ian Pooley has
been around for a few weeks now. Although it doesn’t
contain many vocals its quite good.)
5.Dj Antoine vs Mad Mark-Baby Let Me Tell You
(The follow up of “Youre My Disco Senstation”.
This is exactly what I call groovy club)

Hard Club Mix. Time: 31:03
1.Felix Da Housecat-Silver Screen(Original Mix)
(Real good rework of the old disco classic from the Flirts
with ‘Passion’. Quite renewal although the tempo is rather
2.Raven Maze-The Real Live(Club Version)
(Original use of Queen’s ‘Bohemium Rapsody’ sample.
The song is quite high in the Dutch pop charts at
the moment)
3.Espuma-The Ultimate Trip(Sam Pling Mix)
(Good example of a good Hard Club tune without
too much trance influences. I really like this one!)
4.Motivation-Para Mi
(This song contains a nice sample of church organ (it
sounds like one). The bassline is rather harmonic and
rather dominating. Unique song!)
5.Da Hool-Meet Her At The Loveparade(2001 Remix)
(A new remix of this already timeless club classic.
The full version lasts for over 9 minutes and it takes
quite a long time before the song gets really started.
Nice done although.)


Playlist clubcardradio wk 36

Groovyclub vocal house mix:. Time 20:19
1.Another Chance -Roger Chanchez
(We had it in the show last week.
The song is good enough to here it
one more week 🙂 )
2.Starlight-Supermen Lovers
(In fact the song sounds more like
INXS then a club tune. Maybe thats
the reason I like it so much 🙂 )
3.Promised Land(Mr PinkRob R Club Mix) – Joe Smooth
(What can I say. The all time club classic
song in the remix. No matter how bad it
sounds. It will always be succesfull.)
4.Little L (Bob Sinclair Mix)-Jamiroquai
(Funny that Bob Sinclair did a remix
on this song. Now it is also a clubtune
and a good one!)

Trance/hardclub mix. Time:23:27
1.Rank 1-Such Is Live(Lost Shores Remix)
(I heard the song was originally created for
the funereal of a member of ID&T.
Now it is a commercial success as well)
2.Joy Kitikonti-JoyEnergizer(Psico Mix)
(Aha extreme but good. Who is this guy!? )
3.System F-Dance Valley Theme 2001
(I hear some Giorgio Moroder in this song.
Dance Valley ended rather chaotic but the
song is still on my mind.)
(Aha its the Klubbheads again. Do I need
to say more?)


Clubcard hotlist wk 37

The hottest dance tracks from Clubcardradio.

Pos Pw Artist Title #w
01 – DJ Tiesto-Flight 643 5
02 5 Rank 1-Such Is Life 3
03 – Roger Sanchez-Another Change 2
04 – System F-Dance Valley Theme 2001 1
05 – Gypsymen-Babarabatiri 1
06 – Jamiroquai-Little L(Bob Sinclair remix) 1
07 6 G-Spott-N-R-G 8
08 8 Supermen Lovers-Starlight 3
09 – Raven Maize-The Real Life 1
10 2 Faithless-We Come 1 14

Moulin Rouge-Lady Marmalade 5
Geri Halliwel-Its Raining Men 12
Klubbheads-Hiphopping 7
Safri Duo-Samb-Adagio(The Clubber) 13
Liquid feat Sylver – Turn The Tide 9
DJ Jean – Lift Me Up 9


playlist clubcardradio mixes week 32/2001

Hello again! I am a little behind schedule because of the holiday’s. I will refresh the main Clubcard channel more often coming weeks.
Here we go!

Groovyclub Vocal House Mix. Time 28:26
1.Roger Sanchez-Another Change(Radio Mix)
(A very nice vocal club tune from this
famous Diskjockey from New York. It is also
worth while listening to his album)

2.Gypsyman-Babarabatiri(Masters At Work Mix)
(This will probably be one of most popular
summer songs. Great remix from Masters At Work)

3.Cleptomaniacs feat Bryan Chambers-All I Do
(This song has been around for a while. I should
swear that the vocal is done by Stevie Wonder.)

4.Chocolate Puma-I Wanna Be You(Club Mix)
(This song somehow missed my attention when it
was released 4 months ago. A nice subtle
club tune from the famous Dutch producers
duo Zki&Dobre. It gets better everytime
you hear it)

5.Moulin Rouge- Lady Marmalade(Thunderpussy Clubmix)
(Who else but Thunderpussy can turn this R&B
remake of a disco classic into an uptempo Club

Guest DJ Marcel Spijkerman. Session 1,
Groovyclub vocalhouse. Time: 34:35

1.DJ Miki-Dance Pieu
2.Strike-The Morning After
3.Barrio Debajo-Gotta Let Yourself Go
4.Tanika Tikaram-Twist In My Sobriety(Club Mix)
5.Miss Enjoy-Hey Missbeliever
6.MK-Burning(96′ Klubbheads Remix)
7.Angel Moreas-I Like It
8.No Excess-The Vibe


clubcard hotlist week 33

The hottest dance tracks from Clubcardradio.

Pos Pw Artist Title #w
01 2 Moulin Rouge-Lady Marmalade(Thunderpussy Mix) 3
02 1 Faithless – We Come 1 12
03 3 Geri Halliwel-Its Raining Men 10
04 8 Klubbheads-Hiphopping 5
05 – Rank 1-Such Is Life 1
06 4 G-Spott-NRG 6
07 9 Safri Duo-Samb-Adagio(The Clubber) 11
08 – Supermen Lovers-Starlight 1
09 5 Liquid feat Sylver – Turn The Tide 7
10 6 DJ Jean – Lift Me Up 7

Grand Popo Football Club – Les hommes c’est pas des mecs bien 5
Eddy Grant – Electric Avenue(2001 Remix) 9


Hotlist Clubcardradio week 31.

The hottest dance tracks from Clubcardradio.

Pos Pw Artist Title #w
01 1 Faithless – We Come 1 10
02 3 Moulin Rouge-Lady Marmalade(Thunderpussy Mix) 1
03 9 Geri Halliwel-Its Raining Men 8
04 7 G-Spott-NRG 4
05 8 Liquid feat Sylver – Turn The Tide 5
06 5 DJ Jean – Lift Me Up 5
07 8 Grand Popo Football Club – Les hommes c’est pas des mecs bien 4
08 – Klubheads-Hiphopping 3
09 – Safri Duo-Samb-Adagio(The Clubber) 9
10 6 Eddy Grant – Electric Avenue(2001 Remix) 8

Plaything – Into Space 10
Shortie vs Black Legend – Someone 10

news playlist

DJ Marcel Spijkerman Live on Clubcardradio

On Thursday the 2th of August the famous DJ Marcel Spijkerman is going to perform live on stage in the Clubcardradio studio’s! His DJ session will be broadcasted LIVE on Clubcardradio!
The transmission will start at approximately 8:00 PM.

Before he is going to let us hear what real DJ-ing is about, I will interview this celebratie in both Dutch and English.

He started his carreer as Club DJ and he DJ-ed in a number of clubs though out the country. Lately he also has become a famous radio DJ on RTV-Oost where he also has his own TV program!

On Thursday evening he will play his all time favourites, the best old and new club tunes. You can even request your favourite clubtune by emailing DJ Marcel on or by tuning in via ICQ nr. 64705090 during the live broadcast.

So listen, next Thursday at around 8:00 PM, on Clubcardradio!


playlist clubcardradio mixes week 29/2001

Groovy club/R&B mix. Time: 6:31

1.Grand Popo Football Club – Les hommes c’est pas des mecs bien
(Thirst I thought that this was the new
Daft Punk single. French, computer voice, do
I need to say more? Okay so its not. But
nice indeed. Like the summer has finally begun.
The tittle says that all man are assholes or
something like that 🙂 )

2.Jennifer Lopez – Play
(The only song I could find which I liked and
which matched the speed of Grand Popo Football Club.
A little R&B now and then, whats wrong with that?)

Hardclub/trance mix. Time: 19:00

1.Justin K & DJ K Mixx – Nothern Lights (Promo Mix)
(In a number of remixes available. I guess this
is the best one. Do you see the light?)

2.Weakest Link – Da Diss
(Hardclub song. Rather extreem.
Dont know them. Where do they come from?)

3.Klubbheads – Hip Hopping (Gansta Mix)
(The Klubbheads are doing extremely wel
in the ‘normal’ record charts lately.
The sound hasn’t changed although)

Club Classics Mix. Time: 28:43
1.Jaydee – Plastic Dreams
(THE song which turned Robin Albers
from a famous radio DJ into a respected
dance producer. A number of times
re-released with different remixes.
I also like the vocal version released
3 years ago. Some other time ok? :-))

2.Lil Louis – French Kiss
(A song from 1989 with the funny ‘toy’ video.
It really was ahead of its time although
it sounds a bit slow now. But why bother,
we have pitch control for that 🙂 But
its a hard to mix this one as you probably
can hear 🙁 Does she really… come..?
🙂 )

3.Calvin Stone – Funky Music
(This song really makes me happy
to. Nice clubtune with nice vocal.
What more can I say? )

4.Dj Jean – Let Yourself Go
(I think this song is the best which
DJ Jean ever produced together with
Peran van Dyk. Good good good!)

5.Carlos – Touch Me
(The other Carlos song was on the
show a few weeks ago. Another great
production of duo Bervoets & Resoort.
I think they invented trance. Listen
and decide for yourself.)

tribute mix

Homo 100 (Gay One Hundred) now on Woeflive

Today we proudly announce the launch of the ultimate Gay Channel on Woeflive. The channel continuously plays the Homo100 (Gay One Hundred) including tips (nice songs although they didn’t make it to the charts) and special mixes. Have fun with it!
The official Homo100 website.

Here are the songs I whipped up in the Homo 100 mix:
1.Ce Ce Peniston – Finally
2.Modern Talking – Youre My Heart Youre my soul
3.Crystal Waters – 100 % Pure Love
4.Mouse T – Horny 98
5.Donna Summer – I Feel Love (Rollo 95′ Mix)
6.Kylie Minoque – Better The Devil You Know
7.Robin S – Show Me luv
8.Tom Jones& Mouse T – Sexbomb
9.Patrick Cowley&Sylvester – Do You Wanna Funk
10.Supermodel – Ru Paul
11.Dana International – Diva (Lysander mix)
12.Melanie C – I Turn To You

The playlist of the Homo 100 channel is also shown in the popup playlist.


playlist clubcardradio mixes week 27/2001

Mix 1, wk27/2001. Groovy club vocal house. Time: 18:00
1.Avant Garde – Dont Stop(Maxi)
(Finally the follow up of ‘Get Down’. It has
the same atmosphere. Guitar club and the
vocal who is shouting at the DJ. 🙂 )

2.Liquid feat Sylver – Turn The Tide (Original Mix)
(It sounds like Liquid has taken a good look at
Milk Inc but this is not real the case. This song was
already released more then a year ago. Rather commercial
but whats wrong with that!? 🙂 )

3.Kristine W – Feel What You Want (2001 Remix)
(It was only a matter of time that this song would be
remixed. It still is one of my favourites to get the
public into the right mood. A nice club tune with a strong
vocal. Although I prefer the original this version
is quite good)

Mix 2, wk 27/2001. Hard Club/trance. Time: 32:41
1.System F feat Armin van Buuren – Exhale (Original Mix)
(Only a few weeks ago System F was high in the dance charts
together with Marc Almond. Now he is doing it with Armin)

2.Dj Jean – Lift Me Up (Original Mix)
(Finally a new production from Hollands most famous DJ.
Although Jean is experimenting with the trance sound
the sound is still typical Jean)

3.Rollercoaster – Dont Hold Me Back (Extended Mix)
(Hardclub tune with a vocal. Rather non standard
for the Klubbheads which are actually behind this song)

4.The Moon – Sushi
(This one is even more extreme then ‘Blow up the speaker’.
This song is even recorded distorted! Its not your
speakers! Trust me. 🙂 )

5.DJ Tiesto – Flight 643 (Original Mix)
(DJ Tiesto is slowly replacing the trance sound
by techno/electro. I heard in an interview that he
is tired of the trance sound. The first result is
of this change is Flight 643. Number one in the Dutch
clubcharts at the moment!)


Hot list from week 28

The hottest dance tracks from Clubcardradio.

Pos Pw Artist Title #w

01 1 Faithless – We Come 1 7
02 3 Shortie vs Black Legend – Someone 7
03 2 Barthezz – On The Move 12
04 4 Eddy Grant – Electric Avenue(2001 Remix) 5
05 9 DJ Jean – Lift Me Up 2
06 7 Tony Di-Bart – I’ll Take You There 7
07 8 Liquid feat Sylver – Turn The Tide 2
08 – Grand Popo Football Club – Les hommes c’est pas des mecs bien 1
09 5 Geri Halliwel-Its Raining Men 5
10 6 Plaything – Into Space 8

Alizee – Moi Lolita (Club Version) 11


The GayOneHundred(Homo100) on Clubcardradio

Friday 29th of June, Holland was wrapped in pink. Many people were wearing pink clothing or had their hair dyed pink.
That day Radio 3 (the national pop Radio station) broadcasted the hundred most populair Gay songs, chosen by the listeners of Radio 3.
That evening I collected a number of gay songs and mixed them in my weekly radio dance show on E-FM. The reponse was huge and therefore I decided that I will start broadcasting all the 100 gay songs(including TIPS and special mixes!) on my spare channel WOEFLIVE in the near future.
It will take a few weeks to collect all the songs. I will let you know when its done.

Cheers, DJ Woef


hotlist wk27/2001

The ten hottest tracks from ClubCardRadio.

Pos Pw Artist Title #w

01 2 Faithless – We Come 1 6
02 1 Barthezz – On The Move 10
03 3 Shortie vs Black Legend – Someone 7
04 5 Eddy Grant – Electric Avenue(2001 Remix) 4
05 8 Geri Halliwel-Its Raining Men 3
06 4 Plaything – Into Space 8
07 7 Tony Di-Bart – I’ll Take You There 6
08 – Liquid feat Sylver – Turn The Tide 1
09 – DJ Jean – Lift Me Up 1
10 6 Alizee – Moi Lolita (Club Version) 11

Jakatta – American Dream 10
Safri Duo – The Clubber(Samb_A_Dagio) 9


playlist clubcardradio mixes week 26/2001

Mix1.Groovy house/vocal club.
Time 23:44

1.Bel Amor-Bel Amor
(The way the vocals samples are used is quite
funny. The record sounds a bit strange though.
🙁 )

2.Dido-2 Thank You(Deep Dish Mix)
(A sample of the vocal was already used
by Eminem’s Stand a few months ago. Now
the song itself is available. Deep Dish did
the club remix)

3.Geri Halliwel-Its Raining Men(D_Dpms
Tall Mix Edit)

(Re-release of this all time gay classic
favourite :-). Although I prefer the original,
the ex-Spice Babe did quite a good
job here. In the clubmix! )

4.Sister Bliss-Deliver Me(Original Maxi)
(The song has been around for a few months now.
DJ and Faithless’s keyboard player Sister Bliss’s
private project. I am sure that Rollo Armstrong
(the other Faithless guy) has lent a hand. The
vocal is from John Martyn)

Mix2. Club classic mix. Time: 21:19
(all Dutch Productions)

1.Dimitri The Disco Train
(Do you remember this one? A very groovy tune
from the Fresh Fruit label)

2.DJ Rene Peran-Give It To Me Baby
(Dutch DJ’s from which Peran van Dyk is the
most famous. He also mostly was responsible
for the Jean songs which made the IT-label
quite famous. The smooth sweep beat was very typical
that time. The nice vocal really makes it almost
the perfect club song)

3.Furia 2-I Want You Boy(Boy Pan Mix)
(Dont know exactly who is behind this. I DO
know that the Dutch DJ Wessel van Diepen
has one finger in this production)

4.Carlos-The Silmarilia
(According to me the best production of
producers duo Bervoets & Resoort )


hotlist wk25/2001

The ten hottest tracks from ClubCardRadio.

Pos Pw Artist Title #w
01 2 Barthezz – On The Move 8
02 3 Faithless – We Come 1 4
03 4 Shortie vs Black Legend – Someone 4
04 5 Plaything – Into Space 4
05 7 Eddy Grant – Electric Avenue(2001 Remix) 2
06 1 Alizee – Moi Lolita (Club Version)9
07 6 Tony Di-Bart – I’ll Take You There 4
08 – Geri Halliwel-Its Raining Men 1
09 8 Jakatta – American Dream 9
10 10 Safri Duo – The Clubber(Samb_A_Dagio) 7

Gigi D’Agostino-La Passion 8


playlist clubcardradio mixes week 24/2001

Mix 1. hardhouse/trance mix. Time 20:43
1.Fiasco-Live In Bilbao
(Nice tough hardhouse song)
2.DHS-The House Of God(Holy Noise Remix)
(The guys from ‘James Brown is dead made this

3.Delerium-Flowers Become Screens(DeepSky Mix)
(Another new and nice tune from Delerium with
the typical sweet but vague vocal)

4.Clubstation-Pull Over(South East Players Mix)
(A new remix from the old Speedy J song)

Mix 2. club classic Mix. Time 22:49
1.Edwards World-Soul Roots
(Nice piano clubtune. A real classic clubtune you will
probably still here over 10 years)

2.The Course-Aint Nobody
(The club version of Rufus&Chaka Kahn’s

3.Klatch-God Save The Queer
(Re-use the ‘Divine loop’. Still a popular clubsong
to get the floor filled)

4.F-Action-Lets Get Closer
(My favorite from the Fresh Fruit Label with very naughty
lyrics. ‘I also wanna like you when I am not inside you’ :-)))

5.Umboza-Cry India.
(The sample of Lionel Richie’s ‘All Night Long’)

Mix 3. Guest DJ session by DJ Folkert. Time 52:40
1.Jose vs G_Spott-II symbols
2.Scoop-Rock tha house
3.Plastic Angel-The last crusade
4.Matt Darey-Liberation
5.Atlantis vs Avatar-Fuij
6.Fragma-Everytime you need me
7.Push-Strange world
8.Manjaro-Kili Conflicts
9.Marco V & Benjamin-In Charge
10.Joe Inferno-Tribal Church
11.Mauro Picotto-Komodo



hotlist wk24/2001

The ten hottest tracks from ClubCardRadio.

Pos Pw Artist Title #w
01 1 Alizee – Moi Lolita (Club Version)8
02 3 Barthezz – On The Move 7
03 10 Faithless – We Come 1
04 5 Shortie vs Black Legend – Someone 3
05 7 Plaything – Into Space 3
06 8 Tony Di-Bart – I’ll Take You There 3
07 – Eddy Grant – Electric Avenue(2001 Remix) 1
08 – Jakatta – American Dream 8
09 – Gigi D’Agostino-La Passion 8
10 9 Safri Duo – The Clubber(Samb_A_Dagio) 6

Safri Duo – Played A Life 12
Dario G – Dream 2 Me 10
Madonna – What It Feels Like For A Girl 5


what’s playing now?

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