Playlist clubcardradio wk 50

115Groovy club/vocal house mix. Time: 16:18.
1.Alcazar-Sexual Guarantee
(Alcazar seems to me the ultimate
 ‘sample imitation group’.Their previous
hitsingle ‘Crying at the discotheque’ used
the sample of Sheila B’s ‘Spacer’ which
was also used a few months before by Plaything.
Now Warm used Chic’s sample of ‘My Forbidden Lover’
for their ‘Its in the music’ a few months ago and
guess what? Alcazar also released a new single with
this sample. Will it be as successfull as ‘Crying’?)
2.Anastacia-Paid My Dues(S Mans DarkStar Mix)
(Another great song from this great female singer
who has already written history. Its a shame
that her previous single “I was made for lovin’you”
didn’t had a good club remix. ‘Paid My Dues’ has!)
3.Dajae-Every Day Of My Live
(I was almost sure that I heard the latest single
of Chocolate Puma when I heard the vocals of this
song.Do not mix-up the artist’s name with the Dutch
producer Jaydee. Is this the same band who scored
a small club hit with ‘You Got Me Up’ in ’93? Does
anyone know?)
4.The Ones-Flawless(Radio Club Version)
(Nice and original groovy song. Not too many
(robot) vocals and nice tune which keeps hanging
around in your mind. Nice nice nice!)

114Club classic hardclub mix. Time: 20:48
1.Pancake-Dont Turn Your Back On Me’99
(The original of this ’99 remake already
hit the dancefloor.The remake is even
2.Jaydee-Plastic Dreams(David Morales Remix)
(This alltime clubclassic has been remixed many
times. Lets hear Morales’s version.)
3.Ruff Drivers feat Arolla-Dreamin(Percussion Remix)
(A very good song from nearly 2 years ago. Already an
alltime DJ favourite.)
4.AT Project-You’re The One For Me
(Another alias  for Peran Van Dyk in his good years
before he started imitating artists such as Barthezz
and the Klubbheads. This was HIS sound!)

112Guest DJ Alex de Boer (
Trance Mix part 2. Time: 26:57
1.Angelic–Can’t keep me silent ( dumonde remix)
2.Dario G–Dream to Me (above and beyond mix)
3.Barthezz–On the move (dumonde remix)
4.Rank 1–Such is life (deep dub remix)
5.CRW–I feel love ( DJ Jamx – De leon remix)
6.Absolom–Baby boomers (classic)