Playlist clubcardradio wk40

Groovy club/vocal house mix . Time 21:03
1.Modjo vs Brandy & Monica-The Boys Is Mine
(This tune is already almost one year old. I discovered
that I never used in one of my mixes. Its one of
the better sounding ‘combination’ songs. There is
a lot of crap out there. The title should say enough
what to expect.)
2.G-Club Presents Banda Sonora G-Guitarra G
(Whaaw, this really is my favourite at the moment!
Its so damn relaxed! No complications there. Nice
guitar with a good club beat!)
3.Yazz-Only Way Is Up(WIP 2001 Mix)
(Yazz goes trance. Remake of the old club classic.
Not bad at all although I prefer the original.)
4.Kylie Minoque-Cant Get You Out Of My Head
(I remember playing this song in my club 2 months
ago and I was very worried that it would leave me
with an empty dance floor. It didn’t of course! But
I am really amazed by its success since the song
is not real suprising. It must be the catchy
‘la la la ..’ 🙂 )

Vocal Trance mix.  Time 26:14
1.Dance Nation-Sunshine
(It doesn’t happen very often to succeed in collecting
a number of Vocal trance songs in a mix which aren’t
that ‘cheap’ sounding. Dance Nation is commercial
but nice. 🙂 )
2.Perpetueus Dreamer-Sound Of Goodbye(Tribal Feel Mix)
(This song is available in 2 versions. This is Armin van Buuren’s
remix which I prefer above the other one. It has the same
atmosphere as Delirium-Silence(DJ Tiesto remix) and I
think it is almost just as good!)
3.Madelyne-A Deeper Love(Instrumental Mix)
(Nice instrumental version of this vocal trance song.
Next time I will play the vocal version)
4.Ian van Dahl-Castles In The Sky
(It fits exactly the Milk Inc and Dance Nation style)
5.Alcazar-Crying In The Discotheque
(Again we here Sheila and Black Devotion’s “Spacer”
sample. Although I prefer the version of Plaything, this
song will be a huge hit on the dancefloor the coming