Playlist clubcardradio wk 49

109.Trance/hardclub mix. Time: 33:25.
1.Caros-The Silmarilla(Bradski & Jenski Remix)
(Rather exciting remix version of my ultimate
Club classic favourite! A little more trance
sound than the original and I LUV the piano
they added!)
2.DJ Melvin feat G Spott-LOIS
(Its not a full G Spott production
although it sounds like one.I only posses
a short version of this release. Maybe
the 12 inch will be available soon. Its a
good song)
(The theme sounds like a famous childsong although
I cant seem to remember which one.It sure makes
it easy to recognise when the song playes on the
radio and in the discotheque. Probably the reason
that this song is finding its way to the number one
position on many dance charts)
4.Fierce Ruling Diva-Rubb It In(Raoul Luciano Mix)
(Remake of this early 90’s song from the New Beat/Acid
period and quite good I must say!)
5.DJ Prince&Justin K-Got To Have(DJ K Remix)
(Not the first time that Felix’s ‘Dont You Want My Love’
sample has been reused in dance songs. But it scores
again every time)
6.Sonic Inc-The Taste Of Summer
(A trance song which is somehow a little more original
than others although it doesn’t sound like a trance sound
in the beginning)

110Club Classics GayMix. Time: 24:19
1.Marisha Turner-Deeper In The Night
(This was Marisha’s second release after her
rather succesfull ‘Who’s Gonna Kiss’ but
‘Deeper In The Night’ didn’t get the success
it deserved. Its a damn good groovy club song!)
2.Indigo-Haven’t You Heard(Funky Rhythm Mix)
(One of the hits coming from the British Channel 4
cultseries ‘Queer As Folk’. Its a club remake
of an old forgotten song from Patrice Rushion
who became really famous because of ‘Forget Me Nots’.
3.Karen Ramirez-Looking For Love(Don Carlos Mix)
(Another song from the Channel 4 series which also
was quite successfull in the charts 2 years ago)
4.Funky Green Dogs-Fired Up(Club 69 Mix)
(My alltime favourite Gay club classic. Club 69 did
a really good job remixing this song. Nice vocals,
nice rhythm. Perfect!)

111Guest DJ Alex de Boer (
Trance session 1. Time: 25:13
1.Breeder–New york FM (Van Bellen Remix)
2.M.i.k.e–Sunrise @ Palermos
3.Mario Lopez–Into My Brain [special editon]
4.Angelic–Can’t keep me silent ( dumonde remix)