Playlist clubcardradio wk 45

104.Groovy club/vocal house mix.
1.Seaflowers-Easy Livin’
(Very nice non complicated happy
club song. One of my favorites at
the moment)
2.Iio-Rapture(Extended Mix)
(Melancholy vocal makes me weep)
3.Modjo and Phats&Small-Change
(This song is really made of combined
forces from Modjo and Phats&Small and
it also sounds like that. Phats&Small
music with Modjo vocals.)
4.Different Gear-Drink To Get Drunk
(This song has been around for a few months
and is starting to kick off in the clubs
at the moment.No idea why it took that
long. A real good swinging club song ala
Rui Da Silva)
5.Godz Gift-Alright Now(Saviour Club Mix)
(Here is the old-fashioned club sound again
which was popular 5 years ago. In style
of the ‘Disco Blue’ sound.)
6.Darude feat Tammy Marrie-Out Of Control(Extended)
(This song was already on Darude’s album but
is now redone and a nice vocal of Tammy Marrie
is added.)

105.Club classic Mix. Groovy club/vocal house.
1.Robin S-Back It Up
(4th single from Robin S’s top album. Never heard
from her again after that. She really did set a
trend in the mid 90’s with ‘Show me Luv’ and ‘Luv
4 luv’. Although this is the least famous single from
her album I thing it is just as good.)
2.2 Brothers on the 4th floor-Turn Da Music Up
(My favourite 2 Brother’s song from the early 90’s. I
redid the song a bit to make it mixable :-))
3.Innercity-Big Fun
(Another great track from the early 90’s which still
can be played in the clubs. It has that ‘acid’ sound
was was popular that time.)
4.Adamski vs Seal-Killer
(I want this song to be played at my funeral. For me
this is my all time favourite)

95.Guest DJ session Marcel Spijkerman part 3.
Club classic/hard club.
1.Lil Mo Ying Yang-Reach
2.Klatch-Oh Boy
3.Anthony & Georgio-Equilibrium
4.Wavecatcher-Me And Jack
5.Faithless-Insomnia(Armand van Helden Mix)