Playlist clubcardradio wk42

Mix 78.Groovy Club/vocal house mix
1.Rick Astley-Never Gonna Give You Up 2001(White Label)
(The number of clubremakes of old 80’s songs is increasing.
In fact this song is nothing more then the original with
a club beat, but it is not bad enough NOT to play it on
CCR 🙂 )
2.DJ Pippi Pres Pason Flamenca-Fatak Fatal(Pacha Mix)
(Guitars and the flamenco sound is rather popular.
Now DJ Pippi is trying it and rather successfull I must
3.Olav Basoski-Cant Stand No Lies
(The sound is so typically Olav Basoski and so
damn groovy! I luv this song!)
4.Mac Zimms-Sex U Up
(Mac Zimms is producing music like a bee is
collecting honey. He just doesn’t stop.
Another great song.)
5.The Sunclub-Fiesta De La Tamborileros(2001)
(Only a matter of time to expect a remix from
this club classic song from Robin ‘Jaydee’
6.Madelyne-A Deeper Love
(We had the instrumental version a few weeks
ago. The vocal version is even more pleasant)
7.Shaggy-Mr Boombastique(DJ Quicksilver remix)
(I almost had the utmost respect for Quicksilver’s
work but lately he has chosen the easy money it
seems. Although the remake is not real bad I hate
the cheap trance sound after the break. Time for
something new I think mr Quick!)

Mix 79, Club Classics mix.
1.DJ Quicksilver-Arabesque
(This is what I call a real good production
from Quicksilver! The real old Quicksilver
sound combined with a nice panflute.
The song was only released on restricted
base and not real famouse. Its really a pity!)
2.Jaydee-Reste Chez Moi(Peran van Dijk Remix)
(A real good remix of Jaydee’s Reste Chez Moi
by Peran van Dijk (Jean&Peran) in which you
hardly here the original)
3.Warp 69-Natural High
(This is one of those songs which probably
still can be played 10 years from now. It
is so damn original and cant be compared to any
other song. One of my old time favourites!)
4.Blue Lagoon-Loose My Mind
(Nice club classic tune. No nonsense club tune
from the middle nineties with a nice vocal

Guest DJ Fridge. Groovy Club/vocal house mix. ‘Tropical Music Meltdown’
1.   Dimitry & jaimy – On the discotrain
2.   Olav basoski – Aha
3.   Wawa – No problem (piano mix)
4.   Susumu Yokota ft Harrison Crump – On on
5.   DJ Stuart – Now I’m free
6.   Amira – My desire
7.   Floor devisions – Latino terminal