Playlist clubcardradio wk 36

Groovyclub vocal house mix:. Time 20:19
1.Another Chance -Roger Chanchez
(We had it in the show last week.
The song is good enough to here it
one more week 🙂 )
2.Starlight-Supermen Lovers
(In fact the song sounds more like
INXS then a club tune. Maybe thats
the reason I like it so much 🙂 )
3.Promised Land(Mr PinkRob R Club Mix) – Joe Smooth
(What can I say. The all time club classic
song in the remix. No matter how bad it
sounds. It will always be succesfull.)
4.Little L (Bob Sinclair Mix)-Jamiroquai
(Funny that Bob Sinclair did a remix
on this song. Now it is also a clubtune
and a good one!)

Trance/hardclub mix. Time:23:27
1.Rank 1-Such Is Live(Lost Shores Remix)
(I heard the song was originally created for
the funereal of a member of ID&T.
Now it is a commercial success as well)
2.Joy Kitikonti-JoyEnergizer(Psico Mix)
(Aha extreme but good. Who is this guy!? )
3.System F-Dance Valley Theme 2001
(I hear some Giorgio Moroder in this song.
Dance Valley ended rather chaotic but the
song is still on my mind.)
(Aha its the Klubbheads again. Do I need
to say more?)