playlist clubcardradio mixes week 26/2001

Mix1.Groovy house/vocal club.
Time 23:44

1.Bel Amor-Bel Amor
(The way the vocals samples are used is quite
funny. The record sounds a bit strange though.
🙁 )

2.Dido-2 Thank You(Deep Dish Mix)
(A sample of the vocal was already used
by Eminem’s Stand a few months ago. Now
the song itself is available. Deep Dish did
the club remix)

3.Geri Halliwel-Its Raining Men(D_Dpms
Tall Mix Edit)

(Re-release of this all time gay classic
favourite :-). Although I prefer the original,
the ex-Spice Babe did quite a good
job here. In the clubmix! )

4.Sister Bliss-Deliver Me(Original Maxi)
(The song has been around for a few months now.
DJ and Faithless’s keyboard player Sister Bliss’s
private project. I am sure that Rollo Armstrong
(the other Faithless guy) has lent a hand. The
vocal is from John Martyn)

Mix2. Club classic mix. Time: 21:19
(all Dutch Productions)

1.Dimitri The Disco Train
(Do you remember this one? A very groovy tune
from the Fresh Fruit label)

2.DJ Rene Peran-Give It To Me Baby
(Dutch DJ’s from which Peran van Dyk is the
most famous. He also mostly was responsible
for the Jean songs which made the IT-label
quite famous. The smooth sweep beat was very typical
that time. The nice vocal really makes it almost
the perfect club song)

3.Furia 2-I Want You Boy(Boy Pan Mix)
(Dont know exactly who is behind this. I DO
know that the Dutch DJ Wessel van Diepen
has one finger in this production)

4.Carlos-The Silmarilia
(According to me the best production of
producers duo Bervoets & Resoort )