playlist clubcardradio mixes week 29/2001

Groovy club/R&B mix. Time: 6:31

1.Grand Popo Football Club – Les hommes c’est pas des mecs bien
(Thirst I thought that this was the new
Daft Punk single. French, computer voice, do
I need to say more? Okay so its not. But
nice indeed. Like the summer has finally begun.
The tittle says that all man are assholes or
something like that 🙂 )

2.Jennifer Lopez – Play
(The only song I could find which I liked and
which matched the speed of Grand Popo Football Club.
A little R&B now and then, whats wrong with that?)

Hardclub/trance mix. Time: 19:00

1.Justin K & DJ K Mixx – Nothern Lights (Promo Mix)
(In a number of remixes available. I guess this
is the best one. Do you see the light?)

2.Weakest Link – Da Diss
(Hardclub song. Rather extreem.
Dont know them. Where do they come from?)

3.Klubbheads – Hip Hopping (Gansta Mix)
(The Klubbheads are doing extremely wel
in the ‘normal’ record charts lately.
The sound hasn’t changed although)

Club Classics Mix. Time: 28:43
1.Jaydee – Plastic Dreams
(THE song which turned Robin Albers
from a famous radio DJ into a respected
dance producer. A number of times
re-released with different remixes.
I also like the vocal version released
3 years ago. Some other time ok? :-))

2.Lil Louis – French Kiss
(A song from 1989 with the funny ‘toy’ video.
It really was ahead of its time although
it sounds a bit slow now. But why bother,
we have pitch control for that 🙂 But
its a hard to mix this one as you probably
can hear 🙁 Does she really… come..?
🙂 )

3.Calvin Stone – Funky Music
(This song really makes me happy
to. Nice clubtune with nice vocal.
What more can I say? )

4.Dj Jean – Let Yourself Go
(I think this song is the best which
DJ Jean ever produced together with
Peran van Dyk. Good good good!)

5.Carlos – Touch Me
(The other Carlos song was on the
show a few weeks ago. Another great
production of duo Bervoets & Resoort.
I think they invented trance. Listen
and decide for yourself.)