ClubCardRadio Stream Back Online!

Dear fan!

I am so excited, a dream has come true. My radiostream is back online and very busy filling the program and uploading my DJ Mix archive. There is only 1 problem. The mixes may not last more dan 15 minutes so I have to split everything up in multiple parts so thats a lot of work but its for a good cause! I also decided to change the naming of the mixes so its easier to store and retrieve from my database. Its a bit messy now and mixes you hear are hard to find back on the site but in the end all will be better. All this work even delays the Dance Yearmix a bit but in the end everything will be better! Hold on!

Dear Listener,

Great News! The ClubCardRadio stream is back online! Now in HIFI stereo! From now on you can listen to your favourite music 24hours a day. Many many thanks to Radionomy for providing the stream!