Playlist Clubcard wk 12

130Groovy club/vocal house mix. Time: 14:59
1.Madhouse-Like A Prayer
(Remake of the Madonna classic with Black Legend beat.
Of course I prefer the original but this one is
better mixable 🙂 )
2.Ulta Nate-I Dont Understand It(Mood Swing Extended)
(There weren’t very succesfull with songs they
released after ‘Free’ , but they are rather good
just like this one. Nice vocal groovy song)
3.Hectic-Need You(Vocal Club Mix)
(This song was released some months ago.
Somehow it didn’t get the attention it deserved.
Nice vocals together with a bit ‘Moroder’ synthesizer

131Trance/hardclub mix. Time: 18:18
1.Minimalistic-Close Cover(Club Edit)
(Trance remake of Wim Mertens’s piano tune.
Minimalistic does alot of trance remakes lately
but this song will probably be their breakthrough)
2.Heavens Cry-Tears Do Us Part
(Simple trancetune. High in the dance charts at
the moment)
3.Svensson&Gielen-We Know What You Did
(Trance tune with classical influences which reminds
me alot of the songs released by Brainbug (Nightmare)
a few years ago.)
4.Secret Service-Cry
(The guys behind this ‘Maxima Tango’ project are G-Spott
and Jose. Finally they were able to get things fixed with
the copyrights.)

132Club classics Mix. Time: 14:14
1.Peran van Dijk-Feel My Body Talking
(One of the last releases of Peran from the
Jean&Peran period. After this release he started
to make different music which to my opinion is a
pitty. Nice clever vocal club tune from which only
the single version is interesting.)
2.JX-You Belong To Me
(The most popular dance tune of JX altough I prefer
‘Sun of a Gun’. One of my classic favourites)
3.Ulta High-Stay
(Song which hasn’t gained much popularity when it was
released. Altough it is at least 5 years old it already
has a trance sound and a catchy menacholic vocal)

133Trance/hardlub mix, part 1
by guest DJ Arjan Visser. Time: 24:16
1.Earthbound-Essence of Live (John ‘oo’ Fleming Remix)
2.Neve-Sacrifice(Sagittaire Remix)
3.Benicio-Delicatement(Original Club Mix)
4.Delerium feat Rani-Underwater(Above&Beyound Remix)