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ClubCard Hotlist of 2002

Pos Artist Title

1.Da Nightshift-Feel Alright
2.Soulvation-Summer In The City
3.Puretone-Addicted To Bass(Different Gear Remix)
4.Riva feat Danny Minoque-Who Do You Love Now
5.Kylie Minoque-Its In Your Eyes
6.Moony-Dove(T&F versus Mollosugo Mix)
7.Tim Deluxe-I Just Wont Do
8.Layo & Bushwacka-Lovestory
9.K_Klass feat Kinane-Talk 2 Me
10.Underworld-Two Months Off
12.Una Mas-I Will Follow(Club Mix)
13.Gardeweg-All I Want
14.Shakedown-At Night
15.Dj Melvin-Lois


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ClubCard Hotlist wk50

Pos Pw Artist Title #w

01 3 Una Mas-I Will Follow 6
02 6 K_Klass-Talk 2 Me 3
03 07 Madonna-Die Another day 6
04 – Praise Cats-Shined On Me 1
05 1 Jakatta feat Seal-My Vision 8
06 2 Energy 52-Cafe Del Mar2002 3
07 6 Cosmos-Take Me With You 5
08 – Cassius-The Sound Of Violence 1
09 5 One-T-Music Is The One 8
10 8 Milo-Jungle Of Mirror 3
11 11 Layo&Bushwacka-Love Story 12
12 12 Soulvation-Summer In The City 15
13 14 Jurgen Vries-The Theme 3
14 9 Gardeweg-Push 8
15 10 David Guetta-Love Dont Let Me Go 8
16 – Groove Armada-My Friend 1

JCA-I Begin To Wonder 5
Underworld-Two Months Off 12
Milky-Just The Way You Are 8
ATFC-I Was Made To Love You 10
Jocelyn Brown-Suspicious Minds 10


Dance Yearmix 2002 is coming!

The ClubCardRadio Dance Yearmix 2002 is coming! It will be ready at the end of December and broadcasted simultaneously live on:

Friday January 3rd between 22:00 and 02:00

Radio stations:
-ClubCard weekly show (internet)
-Twente-FM (Regional radio station Holland East, multiple frequency’s)
-Enschede-FM (Local radio station Enschede environment 105.1 Mhz)

After broadcast it will be available for direct download. Watch this page! ๐Ÿ™‚


ClubCard Hotlist wk48

Pos Pw Artist Title #w

01 3 Jakatta feat Seal-My Vision 6
02 – Energy 52-Cafe Del Mar2002 1
03 4 Una Mas-I Will Follow 4
04 6 Cosmos-Take Me With You 3
05 5 One-T-Music Is The One 6
06 – K_Klass-Talk 2 Me 1
07 11 Madonna-Die Another day 4
08 – Milo-Jungle Of Mirror 1
09 8 Gardeweg-Push 6
10 10 David Guetta-Love Dont Let Me Go 6
11 12 Layo&Bushwacka-Love Story 10
12 9 Soulvation-Summer In The City 13
13 13 Milky-Just The Way You Are 6
14 – Jurgen Vries-The Theme 1
15 14 JCA-I Begin To Wonder 3
16 6 Underworld-Two Months Off 10
17 1 ATFC-I Was Made To Love You 8
18 2 Jocelyn Brown-Suspicious Minds 8

Da Nightshift-Feel Alright 17
Tim Deluxe-I Just Wont Do 12
Moony-Dove(T&F Vs Moltosugo Mix) 15
Jask feat Jocie-Beautiful 10


CCR wkly playlist wk 47

Three Guest DJ’s this week!

186Groovy club/vocal house mix
1.Madonna-Die Another Day(Single)
2.JCA-I Begin To Wonder(Club Mix)
3.Una Mas-I Will Follow(Club Mix)

187Club/trance mix
1.Cosmos-Take Me With You(Club Mix)
2.Snap-The Power2002(Clubstar Remix)
3.Menthal Theo-Revolution

191Guest DJ Mix by Sander Huysen pt 1

190Hard club/trance mix
1.Shin-Rhythm Machine
2.Milo-Jungle Of Mirror(Nate Young Remix)
3.Misja Helsloot-First Second (Ralphie B Remix)
4.Nightvision-Believin'(J&R Remix)

189Groovy club/vocal house mix
1.Cosmos-Take Me With You(Single Mix)
2.Michael Zager Band-Lets All Chant 2002
3.K_Klass featKinane-Talk 2 Me(Supercharged Mix)
(My absolute favourite at the moment!)
4.White Label-Everybody Dance
(Old Chic tune)

188Groovy club/vocal trance mix
1.Galleon-I Believe
2.Nightcrawlers-Push The Feeling On2002
3.040 feat Erica Baxter-Dreams(Original Vocal Mix)
4.Riva-Time Is The Healer(Armin van Buuren Mix)


ClubCard Hotlist wk45

Pos Pw Artist Title #w

01 2 ATFC-I Was Made To Love You 5
02 3 Jocelyn Brown-Suspicious Minds 5
03 5 Jakatta feat Seal-My Vision 3
04 – Una Mas-I Will Follow 1
05 8 One-T-Music Is The One 3
06 10 Underworld-Two Months Off 7
07 1 Moony-Dove(T&F Vs Moltosugo Mix) 12
08 8 Gardeweg-Push 3
09 6 Soulvation-Summer In The City 10
10 12 David Guetta-Love Dont Let Me Go 3
11 – Madonna-Die Another day 1
12 13 Layo&Bushwacka-Love Story 7
13 14 Milky-Just The Way You Are 3
14 – JCA-I Begin To Wonder 1
15 4 Jask feat Jocie-Beautiful 7
16 9 Da Nightshift-Feel Alright 14
17 7 Tim Deluxe-I Just Wont Do 9

Shakedown-At Night 12
The Beginnerz-Reckless Girl 9
Galleon-One Sign 3


CCR wkly playlist wk 43

180Trance/club mix.
1.Shane-Its Too Late
(Vocal trance song )
2.Jam&Spoon feat Plavka-Right In The Night2002
(No big changes compared to the original only
that its better in-mixable)

3.Energy 52-Cafe Del Mar2002(Marco V Remix)
(Rather successfull remake of this all time club classic.
The beat is more extreme and some trance sounds are

4.Soft Cell-Tainted Love2002(Almighty Mix)
(Almighty is rather successfull with remixing
this 80’s alto song. Club69 also tried it a few
years ago but the production was a little weird.)

181Club classics Mix.
1.Body Heat-Gonna Make You Feel Good
(Nice hard club song from mid 90’s)
2.Underworld-Dark & Long(Dark Train Mix)
(My alltime favorite Club song. Underworld did
a very good job remixing Dark&Long. You can’t
hear the original in this remix. Perfect!)

3.Shades Of Rhytm-Musical Freedom
(Another top classic!)

182Vocal Club Mix.

(The new single after “All I Want”. Happy club tune.)
2.Atomic Kitten-The Tide Is High(Groove Brothers Remix)
(Club remix of the Blondie classic. Nothing special)
3.Gloria Gaynor-I Never Knew
(I was amazed to see a brand new club tune from this lady
of disco. And its rather good! A song on which you sing along
after hearing it 2 times)

4.Milky-Just The Way You Are
(The vocal sounds like a spoiled child. Sounds a lot
like French Affair.)


184Groovy club/vocal house mix.
1.DB Boulevaard-Believe (Club Mix)

(Follow up of Point Of View. Sounds
again typical DB Boulevard)

2.Fuel-Do 4 Love(Original Vocal Mix)
(Simple man vocal club tune)
3.Dario G-Carnaval De Paris(2002 Xenomania Mix)
(Again a remix from an old 90’s success.
Nothing special)

4.G Club Pres Banda Sonora-Pressure Cooke(G Club Remix)
(Follow up of Guitarra G. Not as good but still guitars
are used in a club song which makes it special)

185Club Classics Mix.
1.Technotronic-Pump Up The Jam

(Early 90’s Belgian hitsong at the beginning
of the acid/new beat period. Still great to play)

2.F-Action-Lets Get Closer
(Dutch top production from the Fresh Fruit label
with a very good rhythm. The vocals are a little

3.Tony Di Bart-If I Cant Have You
(Vocal club classic with a very good bassline and
rhythm. One of the first clubhits out of a serie
from Mr Di Bart)

Week 44

176.Trance mix by DJ Alex.
“The Other Journey Part 1”
DJ Alex’s website;
1.Tekara-Breathe In You
2.Evoke-Arms Of Loren
3.DJ Tiesto-Suburban Train
4.Hemstock&Jennings-Mirage Of Hope

“The Other Journey Part 2”
1.Hemstock&Jennings-Mirage Of Hope
Fire&Ice-Souvenir de Chine
3.Kosheen Catch
4.Accessive Rhythm-Activate
5.Precision&The Freak-The Progress
6.The Space Brothers-Everwhere I Go

“The Other Journey Part 3”
DJ Alex’s website
1.The Space Brothers-Everwhere I Go
2.Charly Fath-S.O.S
3.MR Phillips-7th Day


ClubCard Hotlist wk40

Pos Pw Artist Title #w
01 1 Moony-Dove(T&F Vs Moltosugo Mix) 10
02 8 ATFC-I Was Made To Love You 3
03 5 Jocelyn Brown-Suspicious Minds 3
04 2 Jask feat Jocie-Beautiful 5
05 – Jakatta feat Seal-My Vision
06 3 Soulvation-Summer In The City 8
07 4 Tim Deluxe-I Just Wont Do 7
08 – One-T-Music Is The One 1
09 6 Da Nightshift-Feel Alright 12
10 7 Underworld-Two Months Off 5
11 – Gardeweg-Push 1
12 – David Guetta-Love Dont Let Me Go 1
13 10 Layo&Bushwacka-Love Story 5
14 – Milky-Just The Way You Are
15 11 Shakedown-At Night 10
16 9 The Beginnerz-Reckless Girl 7
17 – Galleon-One Sign 1

Gardeweg-All I Want 10
Pure Polly Ester-Stand Back(Woef Remix) 5
Regina-Day By Day 7


CCR wkly playlist wk40

172.Groovy club/vocal house mix. Time:18:28
1.David Guetta-Love Dont Let Me Go

(Catchy vocal club song)
2.Celine Dion-I’m Alive(Johnny Rocks World Anthem)
(Celine’s latest hit song in a club

3.ATFC-I was Made To Love You(Vocal Mix)
(This was the remix I was waiting for! When
Anastacia released this song I thought it
was her best but no good club remix was made
then so it was a little hard to use this song
in the clubs. ATFC must have thought the same
and a nice remix is there!)

174.Hard club/trance mix. Time:25:03

(The new ATB, its white lable only
so no title yet.ATB returns to the roots,
no vocals, a little mid 90’s trance sound.
I am curieus to the critics the song will

2.FFWD-Pull Up To The Bumper
(Title song from the Fast Forward
Dance Parade made by DJ Michel de Hey
in Rotterdam. Easy to catch trance sound with
a nice bass loop)

3.Barthezz-Your Thick
(Bart is back in business again. Typical
“Barthezz” song with uncomplicated happy
trance sound.)

4.DJ’z Inc-Kick Back(Dr Bounce Remix)
(Club/trance song. Not really special
but not bad either. The break is refreshing)

179.Groovy club/vocal house mix. Time: 23:12
1.Galleon-One Sign

(The sound Galleon has already
become rather characteristic. This
is the new single. Will probably not be the
same hit success as ‘So I Begin’.)

2.11th Dimension-The Beat Goes On
(Funky groove song with little vocals.
I like them this way!)

3.Ace Of Base-Beautiful Morning(Spanish Fly Remix)
(Haven’t heard from this Swedish band
for a while. The vocal stayed the same but
the rhythm has turned from reagae into club.)

4.Jakatta feat Seal-My Vision(Joey Negro Club Mix)
(Jakatta knows exactly how to do the trick!
The nice catchy sweeping club sound this time
combined with the vocals of Seal. The vocals
could be a little more convincing but this record
is absolutely my favourite this week!)

173.Groovy club/vocal house mix. Time:13:33
1.One_T-Music Is The One

(This song reminds me a lot of DB Boulevard
somehow. Even the video’s have the same atmosphere.
The vocals sound like they are song by a child.
But its a good song!)

2.George Benson-Give Me The Night(Phats ‘n’ Smal Mix)
(Released already a few months ago. Phats’n’Smal only
used the main vocal sample of George Benson’s original)

3.Wham-Everything She Wants(2002 Bootleg Mix)
(Todd Terry did a remix of this song 2 years ago. Although
his remix is better the song was not widely released.
This version sounds a lot like it and is also a bootleg)

Playlist Week 41

178.Progressive Mix by DJ Arjan.
“Relaxation For The Mind Part 1”
1.James Holden-I Have Put Out The Light
3.Echomen-Truth(Weekend World Remix)
4.Plastika-Disco Dancing(Timo Maas Remix)
5.Yunus Guvenen-Red Pilot

2.Moshic&Landa-Faza(Moshicโ€™s Faza Remix)
3.Sean Cusick-Consider The Ravens
4.Boom!-Boy versus Girls(Peace Division Boomin Dub Mix)
5.Barraka-Song To The Siren(Jean Philippeโ€™s Dirty South Mix)

2.Minilogue-In A Deeper Motion
3.Oliver Klein-Timeloop
4.Graham Fee-System Overload
5.Blackwatch-Word Unspoken (Jas Ego Mopping Mayhem Remix)


ClubCard Hotlist wk38

Pos Pw Artist Title #w
01 1 Moony-Dove(T&F Vs Moltosugo Mix) 8
02 2 Jask feat Jocie-Beautiful 3
03 4 Soulvation-Summer In The City 6
04 3 Tim Deluxe-I Just Wont Do 5
05 – Jocelyn Brown-Suspicious Minds 1
06 7 Da Nightshift-Feel Alright 10
07 10 Underworld-Two Months Off 3
08 – ATFC-I Was Made To Love You 1
09 9 The Beginnerz-Reckless Girl 5
10 13 Layo&Bushwacka-Love Story 3
11 5 Shakedown-At Night 8
12 6 Gardeweg-All I Want 8
13 16 Pure Polly Ester-Stand Back(Woef Remix) 3
14 8 Regina-Day By Day 7

Jakatta-Never So Lonely 16
Dee-Lite-Groove Is In The Heart2002 9
Goldprix feat Andrea Brown-Trippin 18
Madelyne-A Deeper Love (Original Vocal Club Mix 11
Lysander-Pusher 7
Sensation-The Anthem2002 2
Safri Duo feat Michael McDonald-Sweet Freedom 17
Madhouse-Like A Virgin 2


DanceYearmix 2002 stuff

Click here to see the DanceYearmix 2002 stuff and download it.


Clubcard hotlist wk 36

Pos Pw Artist Title #w

01 2 Moony-Dove(T&F Vs Moltosugo Mix) 6
02 – Jask feat Jocie-Beautiful 1
03 16 Tim Deluxe-I Just Wont Do 3
04 3 Soulvation-Summer In The City 4
05 5 Shakedown-At Night 6
06 4 Gardeweg-All I Want 6
07 1 Da Nightshift-Feel Alright 8
08 9 Regina-Day By Day 5
09 15 The Beginnerz-Reckless Girl 3
10 – Underworld-Two Months Off 1
11 5 Jakatta-Never So Lonely 15
12 8 Dee-Lite-Groove Is In The Heart2002 8
13 – Layo&Bushwacka-Love Story 1
14 10 Goldprix feat Andrea Brown-Trippin 19
15 6 Madelyne-A Deeper Love (Original Vocal Club Mix 10
16 – Pure Polly Ester-Stand Back(Woef Remix) 1
17 17 Lysander-Pusher 6
18 – Sensation-The Anthem2002 1
19 11 Safri Duo feat Michael McDonald-Sweet Freedom 16
20 – Madhouse-Like A Virgin 1

DJ Melvin-Set U Free 6
Puretone-Addicted To Bass(Different Gear remix) 18
Galleon-So I Begin 8
Perpetuous Dreamer-Dust Wave 16
Silvio Ecomo-No Dip2002(Mac Zimms Remix) 8


CCR wkly playlist wk37

167.Groovyclub vocal house mix.
1.Jask feat Jocie-Beautiful(Jocie in my room mix)

(Nostalgic vocal. I like this one! Reminds me alot of
a song from Tracy Horn (Everything But The Girl)

2.Narcotic Thrust-Safe From Harm(Andy Morris And Stuart Crichton Vocal

(Nice groovy club song with nice vocals. The single version is even better)
3.Pure Poly Ester-Stand Back(Woef Remix)
(Heard this song a long time ago. Was not really a huge hit although the
is very catchy and original. It became more popular when the Flying Dewaele
Brothers(2 Many DJ’s) used the song in their bootleg mix. I did some cutting
and pasting so the song could be mixed and now its mixed on CCR ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

4.Tania Monies-The Rythm

166.Hard club/techno mix.
1.Layo & Bushwacka-Lovestory

(Very weird but original tune. Suprisingly catchy
after you heard it a few times)

2.Sidewalk Technician-Watch This(Mac Zimms Remix)
(Hard Club Tune. Nothing special)
3.Underworld-Two Months Off(Woef Cut)
(My favourite band in the more alternative dance scene. Saw them
live a few weeks ago. Since Darren Emerson left the band and
started DJ-ing again everyone expected that the their new album
would sound less clubby. ‘two months off’ didn’t really fulfil these expectations.
They are even more successful in the clubs then ever before!)

4.Riva-Time Is The Healer(Armin van Buuren Remix)
(The followup of ‘Who Do You Love Know’. Not really a very strong tune
but not bad either.)

168.Groovyclub vocal house mix.
1.Chew Fu Phat-Without You

(Very sugar sweet vocal. For those who like it)
2.Sheila E-A Love Bizarre(2002)
(This remix of the old 80’s disco classic is not really
special. But the original is very funky so this record
still stands. A little pitched up with a modern beat
makes this record to be played any time during the

3.Jocelyn Brown-Suspicious Mind
(This song will be THE after summer hit. Old song
from the Fine Young Cannibals in a simple but powerfull
gay club tune and the outstanding vocals of Jocelyn Brown
really finishes all!)

4.Mad’house-Like A Virgin(Extended Version)
(Well well well.. You should know by now how
I feel about remixes like this. If it wasn’t so damn popular
in my club I would not play it all. Not real original)

169.Vocal Trance Mix.
1.Sinead ‘o Connor-Troy(The Phoenix From The Flame)(Push Edit)

(A little more extreme then the white label remake which was released
last year. Somehow they managed to fix the copyrights issue with
miss O’Connor since this song is released on a larger scale)

2.Mass Medium-Gotta Have It(DJ Premacy Remix)
(Less trance, more club, a vocal which has been reused many times)
3.Ocean Lab feat Justine-Sky Falls Down(Original Vocal)
(Typical Ocean Lab. Clear Blue Water Part 2)
4.Kate Ryan-Mon Coeur Resiste Encore(Extended)
(Her new single. Probably will not be as successfull
as Desenchate but its French and somehow people
are falling for this language:-) )

170.Club Classics Mix.

(One of my all time favourites. Nice piano!)
2.Nightgroovers-Its A Love Thank
(What can I say, another great beauty. Can still
be played after all these years)

3.Gimmick-Why You Want To Hurt Me
(Rather uptempo original vocal club tune. They don’t
make songs like these anymore)

4.Bass Bumpers-Keep Me Running
(Typical gay club classic with an uptempo  Klubbheads beat. Although


to my feeling it didn’t get the attention it deserved.)

164.Folkmix 16 part 2 by guest DJ Folkert Boelen,
DJ Folkert’s website
2.Peaky pounder-Kiihdytyksessa
3.Marco v-Revolt
5.Mark Norman-Total Seduction 


CCR wkly playlist wk34

161Groovy club/vocal house mix.
1.En Gred-Tu Es Foulu
(THE Summer hit song! French and happy!)
2.Kylie Minogue-Cant Get Blue Monday
(This song is a funny combination mix
of ‘Cant Get You Out Of My Head’ and the old
80’s song by New Order ‘Blue Monday’. It appeared
as extra track on Kylie’s last CD-single Love At
First Sight)
3.Angie Stone-Wish I Didn’t Miss You(Hex Hector Mix)
(Catchy vocal club song in the remix by Hex Hector)
4.The Beginnerz-Reckless Girl
(On of the greatest hits on Ibiza at the moment. Although
I dont think the song is very special it sure catches
5.Tim Deluxe-It Just Wont Do
(Also a huge Ibiza success. The vocal keeps hanging around
in your head for days)

162Club/trance mix.
1.Helen Garcia-Soul Soothing Sunshine(Yug Original Mix)
(A little groovy club and a little hard club)
2.Moby-Extreme(DJ Tiesto Vocal Mix)
(Tiesto is touring at the moment in the US with Moby.
This cooperation leaded to A Tiesto remix of Moby’s latest
3.Raven Maze-Fascinated(Joey Negro Club Mix)
(The follow-up of ‘The Real Life’. I constantly have the
feeling that I am listening to an old song)
4.4 Strings-Diving(Vocal Club Mix)
(We had the original instrumental already in the previous
wkly playlist but when I saw the video clip on TV I just had
to add it again now with the melancholic vocal)

163Club/trance Mix.
1.Aquagen feat Rozalla-Everybody’s Free
(Typical Aquagen, take an old club hit success, pitch it up
a little and combine it with the trance sound of today)
2.Michel de Hey-Dance Valley Theme 2002
(This should be THE Theme of Dance Valley. I dont think
it is any special)
3.Matt Cassar-Most Wanted(SevenDays)
(This is not even a remake of BBE’s ‘Seven Days And One Week’,
it sounds exactly the same as the BBE version so my guess
that it is a re-release, big success again on the dance floor.)
4.Soulvation-Summer In The City(Club Mix)
(Aha! This is much better work from our friend Michel de Hey and Ronald Molendijk!
Catchy happy club song which will be the after summer hit the
coming few weeks in the clubs)
5.Eon-Pocket Damage

164Folkmix 16 part 1 by guest DJ Folkert Boelen,
DJ Folkert’s website
Hardclub/techno mix.
1.Dj Remy-Butterfly
2.Jeff Mills-The Bells
3.Gaiden-Point blank (speedy j mix)
4.Speedy J Bugmod

165Gay Club Mix. Mix of the latest Gay-club favourites.
download the damn thing in hifi stereo here! ๐Ÿ™‚ Rightclick, save as etc..

1.Karen Mulder-I Am What I Am
2.Riva feat Danni Minogue-Stinger(Who Do You Love Now)
3.Kylie Minogue-Your Disco Needs You
4.Regina-Day By Day
5.Gardeweg-All I Need
6.Johny Vicious feat Lulo-Ecstasy(Take Your Shirts Off)
7.Kate Ryan-Desenchante


Clubcard hotlist wk 33

Pos Pw Artist Title #w

01 0 Da Nightshift-Feel Alright 6
02 12 Moony-Dove(T&F Vs Moltosugo Mix) 4
03 – Soulvation-Summer In The City 2
04 4 Gardeweg-All I Want 4
05 2 Jakatta-Never So Lonely 13
06 3 Madelyne-A Deeper Love (Original Vocal Club Mix 8
07 5 Shakedown-At Night 6
08 6 Dee-Lite-Groove Is In The Heart2002 6
09 – Regina-Day By Day 3
10 7 Goldprix feat Andrea Brown-Trippin 17
11 8 Safri Duo feat Michael McDonald-Sweet Freedom 14
12 9 Puretone-Addicted To Bass(Different Gear Remix) 16
13 1 Galleon-So I Begin 6
14 11 Perpetuous Dreamer-Dust Wave 14
15 – The Beginnerz-Reckless Girl
16 – Tim Deluxe-I Just Wont Do
17 14 Lysander-Pusher 4
18 10 DJ Melvin-Set U Free 4
19 15 Silvio Ecomo-No Dip2002(Mac Zimms Remix) 6

Mr Nice Guy-I Want it 10
Sophie Ellis Baxtor-Murder On The Dance Floor(Jewels&Stone Mix) 6
Missy Elliot-4 My People 10
ATB-Youre Not Alone 19
Basement Jax-Get Me Off 6


CCR wkly playlist wk31

Long playlist again this week. For a good start dancing into your holidays!

Back on Clubcard wkly!

157Groovy Club/vocal house Mix.
1.Michael Bolton-Dance With Me(Almighty Mix)
(After scored again with Sweet Freedom with
Safri Duo it was time for another dance remix
created by Almighty)

2.Robin S-Show Me Luv 2002(Tonka’s Clubmix)
(Typical DJ Tonka remake of this Robin S
greatest from the 90’s.)

3.Moony-Dove(T&F versus Mollosugo Mix)
(Very nice vocal, very nice piano. THE groovy
club theme for me at the moment!)

4.Regina-Day By Day(Maxi Version
(The vocal of ‘Day by day’ will hang around
in your head for days.)

159Harclub/Trance Mix
1.Sensation-The Anthem 2002
(THE theme from the 2002 Sensation
festival in the Netherlands. Quite
catchy trance theme)

2.BOB LTD-House Time(South Easty Players Mix)
3.Lysander-Pusher(Club Mix)
(Happy trance tune in style of
DJ Jose. Song was also released
on Jose’s new record label)

4.Seraque-My Dreams(Original Mix)
(Uptempo trance tune but different from
what standard trance tunes.)

156Club Classic Mix.

1.C&C Music Factory-Keep It Coming(C&C House Anthem)
(Song almost just as good as ‘A Deeper Love’ but the
Radio version sounds very different from this Vocal
Version. Thats probably the main reason that this song
is a little forgotten)

2.Siedah Garrett-KISSING(Heat Of Passion Mix)
(After doing some dirty things with Michael
Jackson, Siedah started her own carreer in ’88.
This song was produced by Rod Temperton(Thriller)
and additional remix was made by Shep Pettibone.
It song has a good bass and sounds rather clubby
for that time)

3.Michael Jackson-In The Closet(Behind Door Mix)
(Lots of remixes exist from this song. This one made
by Tommy Musto is the best I think and sounds
completely different from the radio version.)

4.Salt ‘n’ Pepa-Respect Yourself(Hard ACU club Mix)
(To my knowledge one of the latest songs Salt ‘n’ Pepa
released back in the 90’s. Good remix made by Ben Liebrand.
I luv the piano which was added to the song)

5.Oleta Adams-Never Knew(Referend Jefferson Remix)
(After singing ballads for a while Oleta had
also a very successfull dance song carreer. It
only lasted one hit as far as I know but its a
real classic. I love the part where the melody
shifts and the piano is going wild)

158Groovy club/vocal house Mix.
1.Marco V-I Feel You

(Marco V with a little vocal)
2.Space Cowboy-I Would Die 4 U
(After Supafly another Prince club remix
by space cowboy. The song sounds a bit
distorted and noisy somehow)

3.Olav Basoski-Tribute(Samplitude 11)

(Real groovy club song. Very typical Basoski)
4.Gardeweg-All I Want(Original)
(This song has all the ingredients for a very
popular dancefloor hit. The 90’s sample from
Innercity’s ‘Good Life’ combined with a fat
beat and a catchy vocal. Number one song in
my discotheque at the moment)

5.Dance Nation-Dance
6.Kate Ryan-Desenchante(Club Mix)

160Hardlub/trance Mix./big>
1.Symphonic-Bolero(Maxi Version)

(Ravel’s Bolero in a hard club/trance
coating. The coating is rather extreme
sounding agains the catchy Bolero theme.
Probably the reason what makes this records

2.4 Strings-Diving(Original Mix)
(Completely instrumental with a very catchy
string theme. Nice record. Haven’t received
a vocal version yet. I wonder what that would

3.Three Drives-Carrera 2
(Typica Three Drives sound. Nice theme
but after 3 minutes it is enough and the
next song should be mixed in ๐Ÿ™‚ )

4.Hampenberg-Duck Toy(Maxi Version)
(When you here it the first time it is
sounds rather funny but the toy sound will
start irritating after hearing it a few times
I promise you ๐Ÿ™‚ )

4.Paul Oakenfold-Southern Sun(DJ Tiesto Mix)
(Not to be confused with Oakenfield. Trance/vocal
tune which sounds a bit vague to me. Somehow
everybody likes but it doesn’t do any xxx
on the floor. Isn’t it strange?)

5.Khemistry-Lights Of Fire
(Nice trance tune. Nothing more nothing