playlist clubcard mixes week 20/2001

Mix 1. Trance/Hardclub mix. Time 29:08
1.Faithless – We Come 1(Rollo&Sister Bliss Remix)

(Dance with the typical Faithless touch,
especially when you hear their own remix)

2.Safri Duo – The Clubber(Live Promo Version)
(Played Alive part 2, the live version. There
is also a studio version released now but
the live version gives much more atmosphere)

3.Collusion – Conspiracy(Original Version)
(Do you remember ‘Impetuous’? This one is even
better! The number 1 dance song in the Dutch
Clubs at the moment)

4.Copycat – 2 2 2 2(Original Mix)
(Just a nice club tune with famous samples.
Do I hear House of Pain and Chemical Brothers?)

5.Watergate – Made of Orleans
(What will be the next project for Watergate?
resample John Miles’s ‘Music’? 🙂 Hmmm
not such a bad idea…)

Mix 2. Club Classix Mix. Time 36:16
1.The Shamen – LSI(Love Sex Intelligence)

(Remember thizzz…….)
2.Tania Louise – Deep In You
(One of the groovyclub songs which came out
during the ‘Robin S’ period. Nice indeed!
Has nothing to do with sex although 🙂 )

3.Bitmachine – Any Kind Of Vision
(Do you remember ‘Somebody Real’? This
was the follow up. Not so popular that time
but just as good I think)

4.Donna Summer – State Of Independence(Club Remix)
(Its white, unlabeled, hmmm…. what could it be? 🙂 )
5.Atlantic Ocean – Body In motion
(The follow-up of ‘Waterfall’ The vocal really gave
it the finishing touch. Well done guys!)

6.DJ Jean – Flair(I Give My Life)
(DJ Jean from the early days. After releasing this
song everybody took the  IT-label seriously.
One of the first productions of Jean
working together with DJ Peran)

7.Gorgeous – I Am Gorgeous
(Baby, I am Gorgeous!)
8.Brookyn Bounce – The Music’s Got Me
(The Brooklyn Bounce sound is normally rather
underground. The sweet vocal makes it almost

Mix 3. Trance/Hardclub Mix. Time 23:13
1.The Moon – Blow The Speaker.

2.Barthezz – On The Move.
(I get that ‘Paul Elstak’ feeling again
when I hear this record. Dont you?)

3.Public Domain – Operation Blade
(Another tough one)
4.Ratty -Sunrise (The Club Version)
(Is it Chicaine, the Porn Kings or both?)