playlist clubcard mixes week 19/2001

week 19/2001,
Mix1, Vocal Trance, time 24:04
1.Angelic-Cant Keep Me Silent
2.OT Quartet-Hold That Sucker Down(Aquagen Remix)

(This song has been kicking ass on the
dancefloor for more then 7 years now. 6 new remixes
available. Aquagen is one of the best)

(With the sample from Eminem’s ‘Stand’)
4.Madonna-What It Feels Like For A
Girl(Above&Beyound Remix)

(One out of many dance remixes from the last
released Madonna song.
This one contains the most vocals)

Mix2, Groovy Club/Vocal House, time 26:24
1.Technocat-Its Gonna Be Alright (Spanish
Guitar Mix)
(something else, but its still dance!)
2.Janet Jackson-All For You(Club Version)
(this version is rather uptempo compared to
the original but its good!)

3.Shortie vs Black Legend-Somebody(In The Club

(this is definitly my favorite at the moment!)
4.Barbara Tucker feat Darryl D Bonneau-Stop
Playing With My Mind(Full Intention Remix)

(Barbara is back again!)
5.Disco Tex-I Can Cast A Spell(Club Mix)

Mix3, Groovy Club/Vocal House, time 20:46
1.Antoine Clamaran -Get Up
(this song has been around for a few months now
in the clubs but there is no better song to get
everyone movin’ and shouting out ‘how does it feel
when Barbara Tucker says I get Lifted!’)

2.Future Groove Express- Thru Da Roof(Vocal
Club Mix)

(The ‘birdy’ sample really does it!)
3.DJ Antoine versus Mad Mark- Disco Sensation
4.Tamperer-Get Up Get It On
(Its really the Tamperer again, the sample is
Gloria Gaynor right?)